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Accsell Inc.
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Accsell Inc. is a sales and marketing firm hired by larger national service providers to acquire and retain new business clients.  Instead of hiring an internal department to handle their sales and marketing, the Fortune 500 clientele outsources the responsibility to Accsell Inc.  Through face to face business negotiations, Accsell account executives are able to bridge the gap between the large corporate service providers and the clients that use their services.


Our Vision is to become the leading outsource sales and marketing firm. We strive to not only reach the goals for our company, but also our clients, customers, and staff. We will expand to 3 more markets in the next twelve months.


Our Mission at Accsell Inc. is to increase market share for our growing clients while providing an opportunity for our consultants to build their own future regardless of the struggling economy. 


Accsell, Inc. has an impressive client list and we have a growing number of clients to add to the list with the expansion occurring in the next year. Our current contracts have allowed us to double the size of our company in the past year with five more locations to open within the next 12 months. 

Our Clients are world leaders in their perspective industries due to their unmatched quality and services. Our executives have worked with clients that provide business necessities and services to small to medium businesses in various industries and currently work with leaders in the telecommunication industry. All of which are an industry leaders in providing services to small and medium sized businesses around the country.

Our Methods

These companies had to rethink their existing marketing strategy and shift their focus to more innovative methods of acquiring new customers and protecting their customer base. This is where Accsell Inc. comes in.

Rapport built by using direct marketing affects the success of the campaign by creating customer loyalty and preserving the relationship between the customer and our clients. Direct marketing proves to be successful and beneficial to both the customer and the client. This innovative face-to-face solution can be applied to a wide spectrum of industries since competition will always persist in the business world. Accsell Inc. will continue to be a pivotal asset to its current clients and attract the attention of their competitors.


We are growing rapidly to keep up with our clients’ goals, expanding nationally and soon to be globally. We are currently looking to expand to 3 more markets in the next 12 months.

In the past, our clients have initiated more aggressive sales campaigns to combat competition. Their approach included concentrated telemarketing and direct mail programs that did not produce the necessary results.


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