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Adam Magdaleno
Attends Bonita High School
Lives in La Verne, CA
I am a young man of reconnaissance. I love learning about the world's history and culture. I take great intrest into Folk Art and Old aesthetics of Visual Art . I am usually sweet, shy and modest, until I'm around friends or make a new one, I tend to loosen up then. Always thinking about the world around me and what we should do to make it a better place. Very intrested in Travel and even Food Arts.

People at my High School think im from somewhere like Romania, though I am actually an American of pure Hispanic Heritage. With both my parents last name decending from Spain. Both sides of my Grandparents moved to The United States of America in the 1960's from Mexico to start families in the Cities and Farms. I was born an American at the Orange County Hospital, California on March 31st, 1997. I am currently in High School. After graduating I plan to take vacation trips to Europe. Then live in an apartment and work in an urban setting like Seattle, Anihiem, or Montreal to save money for Art School. Then getting a job in the visual arts industry for a good chunk of my life. After a long while into my 40's-50's ill consider getting a more stable job an the technology or architecture industry. After all my life's work my dream is to retire around 75-80 and move to a somewhere like Venice, Rome, or Flourecne, all in Italy, where old people are abundent :p

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Roman Catholic, Hispanic American
  • Bonita High School
    English, Geography, 2011 - present
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The Spanish Gentlemen, The Badass
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La Verne, CA
Los Angeles,CA
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