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Marlene Chait
Works at Chait & Associates
Attended George Washington University
Lived in San Antonio

What other people have said about Dr. Marlene Chait:

 PARENT:  She possess a passion and dedication to her clients and her work that surpasses anything that we have come to expect . . . Dr. Chait on the case, was the only one who in all of his years of schooling informed us of his rights: special tutoring and a special school.  She provided us with a myriad of names and places we needed to access to get him the proper help and attended all IEP meetings at his high school to make certain he and the IEP team were on the correct path.
Elaine First Sharpe, Ph.D.
She has proven to be sharp-minded, reliable, committed and highly productive . . . But the strength of her contribution does not end with her role as an effective coordinator . . . Marlene’s leadership ability became evident again as she has brought ‘her people’ together, beginning to coalesce them into a local fair housing organization . . . A grant written for the Fair Housing Council of Montgomery County was conceived in Marlene’s home.  The newly formed nonprofit received 501 (c) 3 status and a Community Block Grant…         Bruce Seaman

 UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE EASTERN REGIONAL RESEARCH CENTER:  Thank you for arranging the workshop on the Americans with Disabilities Act and the associated programs.  Your efforts is making us all more aware of the difficulties faced by disabled people and the resources available to enable such people to perform up to and beyond their potential is many jobs will be of great assistance in our outreach programs for future hiring.                      Human Resources

 PHYSIATRIST:  Aside from her own disability that provides her with a unique understanding of the needs of people with disabilities, she has genuine concern.  I am aware of a number of cases in which Marlene very effectively provided support and assistance to several people with disabilities and saw to it that they received the medical/rehabilitative/financial services that were very necessary . . .  Dr. Chait is very bright, caring, resourceful, enthusiastic and hard working.  The disabled community will have gained substantially by allowing her to work as their advocate.  I recommend her to you without any reservations.                                                            Dr. Bernardine M. Polish, M.D       .

 OR HADASH RECNSTRUCTIONIST CONGREGATION:  Marlene is being recognized for her triumph over physical disability and her longtime efforts to make life better for people with and without disabilities and their families.  With no use of her legs and only partial use of her arms, Marlene works from wheelchair as a counselor, consultant and educator in the disabled community.            Dick Goldberg

 Friday May 18, 2007   Doctoral Brunch    Marlene  Chait                                                     Freedom means more to those who haven’t had it.  For those who have fought for liberation, no risk is too great, no fear can overpower one’s resolve.  With a taste of liberty and equality, some sit back and enjoy, others, however, become freedom fighters.  Marlene Chait is no less a freedom fighter than some of history’s well known; she knows the loss of freedom and recognized that others primarily disabled women around the world (including the United States), were and are prisoners in their societies, homes, and personal relationships.  She challenged this status quo; and she fought for their and her own liberation, she overcame fear, and took risks, literally with her life.  No one has fought harder or sacrificed more for her doctoral achievement, her mission, or justice than Marlene.  This is truly a momentous day.  Congratulations and I know you will continue to foster liberty and justice and give the silent their voices.

 Good Luck,                                                 With admiration, respect, and affection,                     Pam                                                   (Chair, Marlene’s Dissertation Committee)

 Pamela J. Leconte, Ed.D.
The George Washington University
Department of Teacher Preparation and Special Education
Collaborative Vocational Evaluation Training
2134 G Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C.  20052
Phone: 202-994-1534       Fax: 202-994-3365

  • George Washington University
    Doctorate Education, 1998 - 2007
  • George Washington University
    Major- Transition Special Education/Vocational Evaluation, 1992 - 1996
  • Arcadia University
    Undergraduate Social Science, 1982 - 1991
Basic Information
Other names
Marlene Langnas Craven
Disability Studies/Transition Specialist; Consultant for: Disabled Individuals & their loved ones; business, educational and government entities; Grant Reviewer, Instructor
  • Chait & Associates
    Local, State, National, and International Advocate for disabled community, 2007 - present
  • Social Security Administration
    Rep/Program Analyst, 1995 - 2000
  • M.C. Consulting, Inc.
    Community based services for disabled community; legislative rights and responsibilites, 1987 - 2009
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