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For those that do not know me, my name is Heather Briana Hunter. I am 18 years old and yes…. I am having a baby. I graduated from Russell county high school in 2011. I am in a relationship and have been in one with the same man Jason Leon Weston for almost 9 months. I guess you could say I used to be that girl that tried to fit in, did all the things you could think of to stand out. But that was before I graduated high school lol. Now I guess you could say, I am who I am and if you don’t like it o well your not worth knowing if you can’t accept me for me not me for who you want me to be. Yes I try to go to church; yes I am part of a non profit organization AB –N- C. No I do not have a job however I am looking. I believe its safe to say it takes me an hour to find the right out fit but it always seems to be the first thing I try on but I don’t realize it until all my clothes are out of the drawer and all my shirts are off the hangers . I love to laugh and eat eat eat. Especially at night before me and Jason go to the room to watch a movie always got to have a snack and a glass of water. Yes I hate going down stairs in the middle of the night so I do make Jason come with me. I hate to admit it but yes I do smoke, however I am down to only about 5 a day. My drinking days and drug days have been long gone for a while now and yes I plan to keep it that way. I love taking photos, listening to music and things. My past is my past so no, I will not talk about it sometimes I get down and out and dwell on it but not thinking about it and having Jason to talk to about it really makes a difference. Yes I live with Jason, I have for a while now and even before I moved in with him we have never slept a night apart, at least not in 8 months other than only one night here recently. I am in the process of trying to go to school. A lot of the time when it all comes down to it, I get my own way in the end. I am loved by many hated by a thousand i have very few friends due to all of the drama and also because i believe that A friend is one who takes me for what I am however hardly anyone does. I’m one of those people that can go from being really quiet to being really loud. And spend most days drawing in sketch books writing waiting for Jason to get off work and waiting for the day my precious baby comes. I'm rather OCD about certain things. Yes I used to wish on 11:11 and cross my fingers for good luck and never split a poll, and at times I do still find myself doing these things but the way I look at it now is, if there was no bad luck there would be no good luck and what ever is meant to happen will happen when it is meant to. I like to think I'm funny and crazy. One day, I hope to be far away from here.I love being random. I love the life I live and the people I no. I no I have a bad past but if you or who ever else cant accept the fact that I am trying to better myself than odiously you don’t deserve to speak to me. I no allot of the time I can be seen as a bitch but I assure you that on the inside I do have a heart although It has been broken a million times. Jason Weston is my pride and joy he keeps my head lifted high and keeps me the happiest girl in the world. Always lets me get my way. He’s a sweet and caring guy with a background that is bad but he’s just like me in that since that he is forgetting his past to make the future better just like he tells me lol. But any who I love the people I no and the places I go and I no in time I will be able to accomplish my dreams and goals all I need is time and honestly that’s all I have…. Time on my hands. I only have this one life to live so I try to live it to its fullest everyday and have no regrets and no mistakes, although it seems impossible because I feel as if I always mess up lol but everyday, people make mistakes and I believe we can all prevent a lot of them but no one is perfect however we are all equal and can do are best to be the best we can be everyday
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