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he main program is offered PLN Pusdiklat training, certification of non-technical competence, and asessmen core competencies and the role of the delivery mechanisms used to provide programs to customers directly. Key characteristics of PLN Pusdiklat culture, goals, vision, values ??(values), and assigned missions and core competencies Pusdiklat PLN and its relationship to the mission are as follows: Culture: In accordance with the Corporate Culture is reflected in the SIPP (Mutual Trust, Integrity, Caring, Learning). Key characteristics of culture: Faith (Internal & External), Integrity (Internal), Care (Internal & External), Learner (Internal & External as Pusdiklat PLN), Learning (Learning Organization). Purpose: As a follow-up PUTL No. Kep ??Men. PLN 01/PRT/1973 organizational units assigned to establish the Centre for Education and Training in order to manage and organize the management and guidance on education, skills training and upgrading (upgrading) includes everything associated with it based on policy established by the General Electric Company Board of Directors of the State . Values: Faith (and open atmosphere of mutual respect among fellow members based on the belief in the integrity, good faith and komptensi of parties that are interconnected in the implementation of a clean business practices and ethical), integrity (a form of the attitude of the members who are consistently demonstrated honesty, harmony between words and deeds and a sense of responsibility towards the company management and use of Company property for the benefit, both short and long term as well as a sense of responsibility towards all stakeholders), Caring (a reflection of an intention to preserve and maintain the perceived quality of working life member of the firm, the parties concerned in order to grow on together, with animated sensitivity to every problem facing the company and seek a proper solution), Learner (the attitude of members to always dare to question the system and practice development, management and operations, as well as trying to master the development of cutting-edge science and technology for sustainable renewal of the Company). Core Competencies (Competency field / institutional Pusdiklat): Experienced educate, train, certify competence and conduct for employees asessmen PLN electricity as demanded in the field of competence and qualifications. Relationship with the Mission's core competency: the ability Pusdiklat in implementing education, training, certification and implementation of competency for employees asessmen PLN as demanded competence in office
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