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Motorcycle Cancer
The Motorcycle Cancer Book - ELF EMF radiation truth exposed for rider safety.
Motorcycle Cancer? ELF EMF radiation truth exposed for rider safety.
Patent-granted author Randall Dale Chipkar discovered cancer-controversial magnetic radiation penetrating up through motorcycle seats. Excessive extremely low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF EMF) radiation flooding millions of motorcyclists is unacceptable. People have a right to physiological integrity without synthetic electromagnetic intervention. Of concern are prostate cancer, colon cancer, testicular cancer, bone cancer, bowel cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, impotence, etc. The facts presented in Motorcycle Cancer? cannot be ignored. Avid riders, especially pregnant women or cancer survivors, deserve to know the truth. The global motorcycle industry needs ELF EMF emission control to reduce rider health risk. Randall Dale Chipkar developed the Electromagnetic Pro-Ionization Principle, The Motorcycle Cancer Risk Worldwide Petition, and RiderSaver™ ELF EMF shielding motorcycle seats to help keep riders safer.

The Motorcycle Cancer Book was awarded the 2011 Health/Medical eLIT Bronze Award and Silver Medal for Randall Dale Chipkar, the Health eBook Award - 2012 International Book Awards and the IBA Health: Men's Health Finalist Award.

Please visit the motorcycle cancer website for rider safety.