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wlc college

WLC College

WLCI is one of the highly acclaimed professional Business School in India which has offered remarkable education & training services for global students. Backed by rich industry experience up to 14 years, WLCI continues in providing the best education & training facilities for scholars by our skilled professionals. However, we lead in the industry through our outlandish professional & training services.

We have also proposed an incredible Marketing Channel Partner Programme for global students in order to pursue their carriers in a right way. We enable our students to get expertise in varied courses like Fashion Technology, Media, Business, Advertising & Graphic designing, Mass Communication and many more. Our aim is to get trained our students in every sector of the corporate world through best possible ways.

Our educational services are based on student’s requirement that enable them to get trained in the supervision of highly skilled trainers & professionals in well designed classrooms. We charge less, but offer optimum solutions for global students to let them educated or trained in their respective domains through best ways.


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