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Tobei Kimura-Mathews
Attended Rogue Community College
Lived in Rogue River, OR
        My name is Tobei Jeremiah Kimura-Mathews and I eat the crust first. When I pick up a freshly made sandwich, I take time to admire the toasted outer coat, shielding the delicate interior. A part of enjoying the crisp wrap of the creation lies in being completely enthralled by the exceptional journey it has taken. During the study of the earlier periods of naive existence, I am able to establish a basic understanding pertaining to the distinction of a particular sandwich, and therefore, people in general. The crust also represents the natural beauty and physical actions of people. Although the raw exterior stands for the most obvious attributes and shallow traits to admire, it is far too important to overlook.

            My observation is then drawn to the bread’s vulnerable flesh, hiding away the unknown delicacies. While I eat, I feel the cool pillow of comfort fill my mouth before it makes its way into digestion.  People use masks to cover their true thoughts and feelings, hiding their unwanted internal characteristics. I can see through these facades and chuckle at their futile attempts, relishing in the humor and creativity of the people I am surrounded by.

            Finally, I make my way to the epicenter of the magnificent construction. My curious hands peel back the last layer of protection. I gaze in wonder at the multitude of colors and traits, being absorbed in the reality of it all.  The mass of different sandwich fillings shows people’s exact essence and what they are actually made of. After a long bonding process with a strong personality, I hope to get the privilege of finding this level of knowledge and trust.

            Let’s take, for instance, the pickle and cotton candy wrapped jalapeno sandwich.  This particular sandwich has a surprisingly soft crust, which would be ironic to anybody who has had the pleasure of partaking in this rare specimen. It renders any critic completely baffled at the unintimidating portion of bread used to create this petite work of genius. Upon the first bite or so of this wonderful achievement, one may snicker at the distinguishable taste of vinegar soaked cucumber, marking the uniqueness of this hoagie. Looking into the inside of the layered concoction, one sees the light pink fluff filling the remaining area and is questioning the reasoning for this, when they take their next bite. The burning defense mechanism of the wild sandwich ignites the taste buds, leaving the small and unexpected girl quietly reading her book in the corner, the victor of this and all conflicts.  

            Cautiously, I raise the unique combination of elements to my portrait and dive into the shocking amazement. I am completely overcome by the ecstasy of the situation. After I get to know a person entirely on the most personal level, I absorb the most appealing attributes of their self. Analysis makes me a better person by incorporating different aspects of each individual I fully distinguish. The more specifically I can investigate these exceptional creatures, the more improved I become. I take my time.

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I was a district officer for my FFA chapter for two years, I'm graduating high school, I recieved a scholarship paying for my first year and a half of college, and I will be taking my lamb to fair this weekend.
  • Rogue Community College
    Technology, 2011 - 2013
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Tobei, Jeremy, Chile, TJ, Eibot, Jer, Jer-Bear, Mathews, Buddy, Asian
I listen to music, hang out with friends, worry about my physical appearance. The usual teen stuff.
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