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Carmen Westrup
Works at Club21
Here's me in a nut shell, I am a 29 year old mother of two beautiful smart boys! Dillon who is 9 and currently lives in South Carolina with my mom and step dad. he is in gifted classes and is one of the smartest boys in his School. And I also have a 2 year old named Trenton. He lives with me and his father Chuck here in Louisville, KY.

I was born in Guam and raised in Orlando, FL my whole life. I moved to KY about 5 years ago or so. love to dance, sing,write music/poetry, beading and wire wrapping jewelery I aslo play pool on the APA at Club21 here in Louisville where Iam also a bartender and promoter. I love Break Beats, House, Trance, Rock, Experimental Rock, and all kinds of other music. I also love to spin vinyl records, preferably break beats(Florida breaks)

Some people don't know how to take me.  Iam MissUnderstood! LOL I am just not afraid to tell people what I think, I am real! I have a huge heart and would give the shirt off my back. But if you do not wanna know the truth about something, like getting back with your ex-boyfriend or how your outfit looks don't ask cause you might get your feeling hurt. I just think its pointless for people to lie. It makes them fake to me. Just be real, be yourself and don't be afraid to voice your opinion.
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I ahve 2 beautiful boys and am the bomb ass dancer, pool player and friend!!
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Bartender at Club21 in Louisville, and a secretary @ Wheatley Home Improvments
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    Head Bartender, 9 - present