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Ariel DeHaviland
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Attended Lynbrook High School
Lives in Santa Cruz, CA
Hello my name is Ariel. I currently live in Santa Cruz, CA. I am a fairly friendly person on the net. I might be a little shy & withdrawn in real life. I have been involved in the Gothic scene since I was in High School way back in the 80's. I also love Raves & started going to those in the early 90's. I like to draw especially creatures like Elves, Ghosts, Faeries, Angels & Demons. I also believe in all mentioned. I see them at certain times & have been possessed by them. I am looking to meet new people of all kinds. I am extremely open minded & like to talk to anyone especially about spiritual things. I am very spiritual but not religious. I hate all things to do with Christianity not because I hate the figure of Jesus but because people are such hypocrites in that faith. I am very honest & truthful. I expect everyone around me to be the same. I hate liars. If you want to be something be yourself & don't pretend to be something your not. I love anime too. I especially like those animes that have to do with Magick. I spell "Magick" with a "K" because that is what Aleister Crowley came up with to separate it from theatrical magic tricks. I believe in Magick not card tricks. I have a great respect for Aleister Crowley, he is one of my heros. People can talk all the s**t they want to about him & I will still love his work. I am a die hard Thelemite (meaning I follow the teachings of Aleister Crowley.)
  • Lynbrook High School
  • Carden El Encanto
  • Cabrillo College
  • West Gate Beauty College
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Darrell Oathes
Vampire Hunter
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    Vampire Hunter, present
  • Tassajara Zen Monastery
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Santa Cruz, CA
San Jose, CA