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Hans Antlov
Works at Local Governance Support Project (USAID), Jakarta
Attended Göteborg University, Sweden
Lives in Jakarta, Indonesia
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What I do: Between 2005-2009, Hans Antlov is the Governance Advisor of the USAID-funded Local Governance Support Program (LGSP) in Indonesia (managed by RTI International), supervising the regional Civil Society and Legislative Strengthening programs.

Skills: Hans Antlov is a democracy practitioner and scholar, having worked and written exensively on political culture, democratization, local governance and decentralization in Southeast Asia (generally) and Indonesia (specifically).

Education: PhD in Social Anthropology, University of Goteborg (Sweden) 1991.

Main publications:

Major Books:

(with Sven Cederroth) (eds) Leadership on Java: Gentle Hints, Authoritarian Rule, London, NIAS/Curzon Press, 1994 (translated into Indonesian and published as Kepempimpinan di Jawa: Perintah Halus, Pemerintah Otoriter¸ Jakarta, Obor Press, 2001).

Exemplary Centre, Authoritarian Periphery: Rural Leadership and the New Order in Java, London, Curzon Press, 1995 (translated into Indonesian and published as Negara Dalam Desa. Patronase Kepemipinan Lokal. Yogyakarta: Lappera Pustaka Utama, 2002).

(with Stein Tønnesson) (eds) Asian Forms of the Nation, London: Curzon Press, 1996.

(with Tak-Wing Ngo) (eds) Cultural Constructions of Politics in Asia, London: Curzon Press, 2000.

(with Sven Cederroth) (eds) Elections in Indonesia: The New Order and Beyond, London: RoutledgeCurzon, 2004.

(with Aya Fabros, Nina T. Iszatt, Barbara Orlandini and Joel Rocamora) Citizen Participation in Local Governance: Experiences from Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. Manila: Institute for Popular Democracy and LogoLink, 2004.

(with Jörgen Hellman) (eds) The Java that Never Was. Academic Theories and Political Practices, Berlin: LIT-Verlag, 2005


Selected Recent Articles:

“Village Government and Rural Development in Indonesia: The New Democratic Framework”. Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies, vol. 39, no. 2, August 2003.

“Not Enough Politics! Power, Participation and the New Democratic Polity in Indonesia”, in Aspinall, Edward and Greg Fealy (eds) Local Power and Politics in Indonesia, Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2003.

 “National Elections, Local Issues. The 1997 and 1999 Indonesian Elections in a Village Perspective”, in Antlöv, Hans and Sven Cederroth (eds) Elections in Indonesia. London: RoutledgeCurzon Press, 2004.

 “Civic Engagement in Local Government Renewal in Indonesia”, in Antlöv, Hans, Aya Fabros, Nina T. Iszatt, B, Orlandini and Joel Rocamora, Citizen Participation in Local Governance: Experiences from Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. Manila: Institute for Popular Democracy and LogoLink, 2004.

(with Syarif Hidayat): “Decentralization by Default in Indonesia”, in Oxhorn, Philip, Joseph Tulchin, and Andrew Selee (eds) Decentralization, Civil Society, and Democratic Governance: Comparative Perspectives from Latin America, Africa, and Asia, Washington: Woodrow Wilson Center, 2004.

“Filling the Democratic Deficit: Deliberative Forums and Political Organizing in Indonesia”, in Loh, Francis and Joakim Öjendal (eds) Democracy, Globalization and Decentralization in Southeast Asia., London: RoutledgeCurzon, 2005.

 “Discourses of Democracy in Modern Indonesia”, Festschrift for the 70th Birthday of Professor Taufik Abdullah, Jakarta 2006.

(with Rustam Ibrahim and Peter van Tuijl) “NGO Governance and Accountability in Indonesia: Challenges in a Newly Democratizing Country”, in Jordan, Lisa and Peter van Tuijl (eds) NGOs Rights and Responsibilities, London: EarthScan 2007.

“Politics, Leadership and the Crisis of State Legitimacy in Majalaya, West Java” in White, Ben and Frans Husken (ed.) Experiences of the Crisis in Indonesia, forthcoming.

Preface” in Abdul Waidl, Arie Sudjito and Sugeng Bahagio, Mendahulukan si Miskin. Buku Sumber bagi Anggaran Pro-Rakyat (“Prioritizing the Poor. A Resource Book for Pro-Poor Budgeting”), Yogyakarta LKiS Press, 2008, pages v-xiii.

(with Derick W. Brinkerhoff and Elke Rapp) “Civil Society Organizations and Democratic Reform: Progress, Capacities, and Challenges in Indonesia”, Paper presented at: 37th Annual Conference Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action Philadelphia (PA), November 20-22, 2008.


  • Göteborg University, Sweden
  • Sannarpsgymnasiet, Halmstad, Sweden
Governance Advisor
  • Local Governance Support Project (USAID), Jakarta
    Governance Advisor, present
  • Ford Foundation Jakarta 1998-2005
  • Gothenburg Center for East and Southeast Asian Studies, Göteborg University, 1995-1997
  • Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, Copenhagen, 1991-1994
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