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Born and raised in West Hartford, Connecticut,  I was known then, as Gloria Louise Paulsen. Later I attended Simmons College in Brookline, Massachusetts. At twenty one I married Robert S. Boyd, a Harvard man, who gradually worked his way up to becoming a high-powered Washington correspondent, and I became Gloria Boyd.
While raised our four fantastic children, Peter, Susan, Andy, and Tim, I began my writing career by writing short stories, and having pieces appear in magazines and the local newspaper in Maryland.
Bob and I waited until our four children were out of college before we obtained a congenial divorced. That was when I moved to Cambria, California. I continued writing while running two businesses, the Cambria Coast Gallery, on Moonstone Beach Drive, and Classy Rags, a boutique featuring the Ann Original hand-painted jackets, as well as other artists original work.
I now live in a cozy little house in Ashland, Oregon, and devote a major part of my time to writing. My first book, "Sincerely Louise," started as a short story in Molly Tinsley's writing class at the Southern Oregon University here in Ashland. Eventually the story became a fictionalized biography of my mother's life before I was born, and has recently been published. I could hardly believe it when I see it on Currently I am editing a novel called, "Runaway Mama."
By reaching out on the Internet, I hope to re-connect with old friends, and also make new ones along the way.
So please, talk to me. After all, aren't friendships a major part of what makes our lives worth living? That, and owning a feisty little cat named, Charlie. And I hope the real Charlie, who once taught me how to make a Quesadilla, is reading this.

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    I once owned an art gallery in Cambria California and a clothing shop named "Classy Rags".
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    author, 2005 - present
    I raised my 4 children, I have 8 grandchildren and one great granddaughter and another one one the way. I have written and published one wool SINCERELY LOUISE and am about to publish another, RUNAWAY MAMA. Thanks for asking.
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    Now I am retired and have written two books. 'Sincerely Louise" and am currently having "Runaway Mama" published.