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Joe P. Ward

Joe is principal and founder of Dallas Creative Media, an Internet Marketing firm and Social Media agency located in Dallas, Texas. He is also the Managing Director and Chief Strategist for Marquee West Marketing Group, a successful Los Angeles-based marketing company and social media consultancy.

Joe is widely recognized for his expertise in combining social media with traditional marketing values (strategy, customer insights, segmentation, etc.)  He has been actively immersed in traditional and new media since 1999, and in that time has mastered a wide range of crucial internet-marketing components:  website design, search engine optimization (SEO), copywriting, blogging, analytics advising, company branding, paid advertising, consulting, training, content creation, and social media setup and maintenance.

Joe graduated from the University of Louisiana with a BA in Media Management.  This provided him with a deep understanding of effective communication, business acumen, and marketing strategy.  Upon graduation, he moved to Los Angeles where he spent a decade working in the entertainment industry (for companies like Walt Disney Company and King World Entertainment) before creating his own successful marketing firm.

Since then, Joe has been a sought-after online marketing strategist for businesses both large and small. His client base has included e-commerce retailers, nonprofit organizations, wholesale companies, actors, musicians, PR experts and other marketers.  He has also trained companies to use social media effectively as a means of better connecting with their customers.

An active participant in the marketing community, Joe is a member of the Internet Marketing Association (IMA), the Social Networking and Media Assocation, the Association of Strategic Marketing (ASM) and the Social Media Club.

Joe’s firmly believes that “creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm”.  This quote has guided Joe through numerous creative endeavors over the years.  In addition to his marketing background, he has been a twice-published author, a successful television and film composer, a satirist, a popular blogger, a comedy writer for National Public Radio, and a theatrical songwriter whose works have been produced all over the country, including off-Broadway.

Joe has an unparalleled passion for what he does.  He loves marketing and he loves creativity… creating business, creating buzz, and creating art.  This shows through in every aspect of his work.

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Online Marketing Specialist / Social Media Guru