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The best perfumes for women, fragrances, bestseller, cheap perfumes, scented perfumes.
Learn what are the best perfumes for women. fragrances perfumes.
- Imperial Majesty by Clive Christian: top of the list, the Imperial is a perfume rare, much sought after by collectors of fragrances. No wonder it takes its name, just to get an idea of ​​exclusivity and "majesty", he has only ten bottles around the world and is therefore regarded as the most expensive perfume in the world, according to the Guinness World Book.
- Chanel, Chanel No. 5: from Marilyn Monroe said in an interview that he slept with a few drops of Chanel No. 5 was enough for the scent to become a myth, and since then never leave the list of international best fragrances. Not forgetting, of course, it's Chanel, right? This in itself is enough for him to always included among "the best".
- Burberry Brit: of British origin, the female Burberry Brit perfume is an example that women do not buy the fragrance itself, but would take home only the beauty of the bottle. A beautiful and lovely bottle of standard chess, which helps to make the scent even more sophisticated and attractive. Fragrance versatile, it can be used at any time. Combines hints of green beans, pears and lime frosted, amber, vanilla, tonka bean and mahogany.
- Michael Kors: delicate fragrance, but very seductive and powerful. Its creation was inspired by the perfume tuberose. Although its price is not a trifle, is a fragrance that is very worthwhile experience.
- Heat Rush, Beyoncé Knowles: For the muse who loves pop Beyonce, can not fail to give this release of the singer. One of the latest fragrance for women in 2011 (released in February), following the fragrance is a former star, called Heat. A true feast for our olfactory sensors, he notes cherry mixture, orange and passion fruit sorbet, followed by a heart note of hibiscus flowers as orange, mango and yellow orchid flowers tiger. His background note is an inspiring blend of orange, honey and musk.
- Badgley Mischka: Coming luxuosíssimo in a flask-shaped diamond, sensual and enchanting fragrance blends notes of jasmine, amber, patchouli and musk. Striking the scent lasts throughout the day.
- Obsession Night: sexy and intense fragrance, fragrance blend of citrus and vanilla. A scent of youthful spirit, modern and very sophisticated, ideal for evening occasions. With a practical and functional design, it allows to be transported from bags to wallets.
- Once Upon a Time, Kenzo: highly seductive scent is ideal for women who do not want the permanent overlooked. From exotic fragrance and very attractive, blending notes of freesia magnolia, rose, peony, musk, sandalwood and amber. A combination that make its use a distinctive experience.
- Princess: ideal for women romantic but contemporary, the fragrance Princess is the latest release of fashion designer Vera Wang. Sweet fruity floral fragrance, the lovely scent refers to the world of fairy tale princesses, as evidenced by his beautiful heart-shaped bottle, adorned with a regal crown cap.
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