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Executive Company Summary

The company was founded to create electronic healthcare software applications for the Orthopaedic Market.  The initial development is a Real Time Cloud Based Electronic Data Capturing program for Patient Reporting outcomes data, specifically designed to meet the needs of orthopedic physicians. The company received Patent Protection of the software platform and algorithms from the USPTO on May 31st 2011. For the past 4 years, our CEO has worked directly with dozens of orthopedic physicians in more than 20 states. He has published and reviewed orthopedic clinical research and extensively surveyed reference materials. Based upon the research, Mr. Palmese created a database with a graphical interface to assist orthopedic physicians with the acquisition tools for the patient surgery, pre-op, intra-op and post-op data and outcomes.

Products and Services Summary

The OrUpload Patented software will establish new standards for ease of use, efficiency, stability and availability facilitating end user adoption. The software is designed and scaled specifically for any medical environment. We believe virtualization "cloud service" is  the choice for end users. Our platform utilizes “MVC input tools and other custom designed elements to provide a truly intuitive and keyboard free interface for new devices such as the iPad and other mobile smart tablet devices. Other  input options for traditional desktop environments will be available to capture representative content. The OrUpload Client and search engine "intellisearch" has the industry's leading edge interface providing stability, performance and availability by utilizing automatic versioning and auto recovery from deadlock errors and memory leaks all conducted in an online HIPPA secure environment. Advanced compilation and caching techniques substantially increase data transfer rates and with Cisco CSS physical Layer switching and load balancing provide tier one benefits. 

Market Summary

The OrUpload web based product can offer to a wide range of players in the Ortho Industry from Research Facilities, Hospitals, Speciality Centers and Practices and Private Physicians. There are more than 20,500 board certified orthopedists and over 12,800 orthopedic group practices. Research indicates that this market is less than 10% penetrated.

Financial Summary

There are more than 150 diseases and conditions treated through the science of orthopaedics, with major categories of (1) joint replacement, (2) trauma, (3) arthroscopy, (4) spine and (5) peripheral markets. The latter is a compilation of new technologies, sciences and supporting products that are not only becoming financially visible, but “bell-weathers” of future trends for the manufacturers.

Specialty products have evolved around the surgical techniques and innovative medicine taught within the orthopaedic environment. It is important to note that many of these areas are served by the same practitioner, most commonly in rural areas. However, in the larger markets (SMSA’s) you will find surgeons with a focus in only one of these markets. In like manner, some companies have expanded, while others have focused their products only in; joint reconstruction, spine, arthroscopy (sports medicine), fracture management (trauma), orthobiologics, and more recently image guided surgery and robotics. 

Reconstructive Surgery 

ww revenues of $10.3 billion . . 

hips $4.6 . . 

knees $5.3 . . 

Shoulders $0.4

Supporting more than 2.3 million joint replacement procedures, this segment has long focused on hips (initially) and then knees (a more complex procedure) due to their large market potentials. As companies looked to “fill out their bags”, shoulder products where added, and subsequently small joints, including digits (fingers & toes), elbows, wrist, and ankles. On the clinical front, surgeons expanded their surgical treatments within joint reconstructive procedures, maturing to

PRIMARY (THA/TKA - total hip/knee arthroplasty),

PARTIAL (part of the joint is replaced) and

REVISION (17/20 yr life expectancy of procedure).

Note: given the permutation of these products and the insatiable desire of the orthopaedic surgeon to customize his procedure, you may understand how the companies have been able to maintain margins through product evolution.

Depending on disease state, bone density and new product technology, various approaches have been employed to support the refined needs of the patient 

Company Overview

Our software became operational in 2009 and has steadily grown in size and scale reaching four continents.  Collaboration and partnership with an accredited medical teaching institution provided the beta testing. We followed with a starting sales profile and our sales leads continue to be followed up on as we receive them from our own efforts by attendance at trade shows and referrals from our industry cross marketing agreements.

2010 was our 1st full year of licensing our proprietary software (it became operational in early 2009).  Our software is being very well received in the market place and with the market less than 10% penetrated we feel that we are well positioned, both technically and cost wise, to continue to gain market share.

We received Patent Protection from the USPTO on May 31st, 2011. 

Executive Management Team

The initial management team consists of Nicholas Palmese, Chief Executive Director; Thomas T Jeneby, MD Operations Director; and Elliott Clemence MD,  VP  Marketing Director.

Nicholas Palmese.  The Chief Executive Officer and Director is an owner and board member.  Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

      Advise the board and carry out tasks assigned by the board

      Oversee daily operations, project planning, and special events, working closely with each program coordinator

      Personnel management (recruitment, hiring, training, evaluation and termination of staff)

      Together with the Operations Director, develop and manage the annual budget for board approval, including necessary revisions

      Program development

      Supervision of artistic staff

      Develop network of support within the Technology Community

      Develop and implement Sales Strategies and programs

      Oversee the patent and IP valuation process and strategy

Thomas T, Jeneby MD. The Operations Director is an owner and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

      Advise the board and carry out tasks assigned by the board

      Assist in personnel management

      Development of administrative standards and procedures related to personnel and staff development

      Supervision of staff

      Serve as liaison between staff and board members

      Coordinate with the Executive Director and the board to oversee activities including sales applications, management of sales, special projects, fiscal management

      Together with the Executive Director, develop and manage the annual budget for board approval including necessary revisions

      Oversee the preparation of the annual report of activities as well as fiscal reports

      Manage network finances and reporting

      Coordinate work on annual audits

      Define priorities for all staff

Elliott Clemence MD, Marketing Director. The Marketing Director is an Owner and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

      Advise the board and carry out tasks assigned by the board

      All marketing activities including establish the marketing budget with the executive director; create and implement marketing plan; develop marketing materials; advertising placement; 

      Measure effectiveness of marketing activities (program tracking)

      Serve as liaison between staff and board members

      Coordinate with the Executive Director and the board to oversee activities including sales applications, management of sales, special projects, fiscal management

      Manage network finances and reporting

Bragging rights
Received United States Patent for systems and methods of creating, managing, and using a database comprising surgical data. The systems and methods are used to improve the performance of surgical procedures, rate surgeons, train surgeons, and establish insurance rates for surgeons and patients. Using a computer-implemented software platform the OrUpload algorithm deploys a digital image data routine from a digital data storage medium of a patient’s surgical procedure. The data comprising an orthopedic image associated with an orthopedic surgical procedure performed on each patient by surgeons. The data is then stored in a cloud based computer-searchable database. Users can then access the values and the statistical measures from the procedures for comparative surgical commonality benchmarks.
CEO EcomGlobalMedical Research and Development