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Prasatsinh Thaodara
Well sir im the guy thats promoting world peace in san diego and i am the one that is redy to step now i have desing a javascript that i want to give you guys for free and the one that you 1 guy from san diego,ca i log in with my brothers account from my space sir my javascript needs to be insure by you guys but i dont know where to go give it to you guys because i fought so hard for word peace and work so hard at disinging this sir and im so affarid it might get into the wrong hands and i want you to ask bill gates is my dising better and how can i give it back to you guys it has the whole worlds code on it im dont think its wrong to get the attention of the world and have a soloution such as sending their religious leadear form our country to help each other comprimise and i am redy to step up today sir where should i go?asap oh yea im the one in san diego they call the director the dr the master degreer in every fild and i accutly did this to help my dad retire i occrastrate so many years in a universe degree that i have councure and i would fall under a vetaren or a pow a reffugee a raper a writer a world peace project leadship on BBB wallstreet hero and i have nothing to lie about sir but the thing is i dont have any money because all these law and rule and im a refugee just seeking knowledge so what im realy trying to say is that i just want to go threw the proper chanel because i hate having to wake up in the morning and go to worke just for minimum wadge and im the guy rapers call the shot caller they actuly have respect because i told them to behave in san diego or you will never see hollywood in san diego or world leadership program under how are you today sir and i happen to be Obama Biden so what are they gonna say to us rite haha this is genreal thaodara reporting to you from san diego ca where do i go to give you guys this?give me a call at 619 796 0995 asap thank you sir for standing up for me and im the politition with the rite propersition
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