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J.F.M. Russell
Works at Northwestern University Main Library, Evanston, IL

J.F.M. Russell is Special Collections cataloger for the Northwestern University Main Library and has worked with such rare and unusual items as leaves from the Gutenberg Bible and 500 year old editions of Horace, as well as balloons and paper bags.

He was inspired to learn the recorder by the Pied Piper of the 1960's, Franz Brüggen. In 2009 he was the Kaplan Institute for the Humanities Library Fellow at Northwestern University, Evanston, which resulted in the presentation "The Little Shepherd Leaves Town", about the recorder in the 19th century. Research for that presentation led to the unearthing of many compositions and arrangements for flageolet, a kind of recorder, by Robert Louis Stevenson. That research can be seen in the knol "The Music of Robet Louis Stevenson -- an Index."

He performs with various Chicago area ensembles and most often with the Evanston Symphony Orchestra, where he is solo timpanist. 

He is also the author of Robert Louis Stevenson: Two Original Songs, Robert Louis Stevenson for the Recorder, 18 pieces by Stevenson  for solo or ensemble, Robert Louis Stevenson Suite, four pieces by Stevenson with specially composed piano accompaniment, and Three Romances by Robert Schumann, arranged for tenor recorder. 

Special Collections cataloger
  • Northwestern University Main Library, Evanston, IL
    Special Collections cataloger, present