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Cassie McBride
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I like long walks on the beach and virgin pina coladas. They are amazing. I am a dental assistant and i am in love with my friends Kaitlin, Courtney and Jennie. They are amazing and they are the best people in this world that i've ever met. I wish that i could be just like them in every single way possible. I am the coolest on facebook and the best cheerleader ever. You can also follow me on twitter because I am the coolest, and i have the coolest tweets ever. I want to be just like Nicki Minaj when i grow up because she has a nice big booty and i want to be bootylicious like her and have hair and a tan like snooki. She is the greatest.Please follow my GMAIL account, for it is the coolest. By the way......... I. SEE. YOU!!!!!!!! ........