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Max Saint-Cyr
Worked at In Brooklyn,NYC
Attended Everest University/CCI
Lived in Florida, Osceola County
My life is too long to try to capsulise it. I am theresult of all my ancesters, plus what I added with" Honor and respect"; the motto I guard preciously and passed to the nest generations.
At my age, 79, I am proud to have learned enough to earn my Master in Business Administration, (MBA) in the Accounting field; a field leading the Global Economy.  
Bragging rights
The Lord gifted me of a son, Michael Saint-Cyr, Educator , holding also a Master in Eduction. He is following the tradition of six generations before him.
  • Everest University/CCI
    MBA, 2003 - 2010
  • OldWestbury Univ./LI.NY
    Sociology/Major/Criminology, 1980 - 1982
  • Nassau Community College
    Associate Es Arts, 1979 - 1977
  • BrooklynNYCTC
    Pre-Med Preparation, 1961 - 1965
  • Lycee Toussaint-Louvertures
    High-School, Haiti,W.I., 1952 - 1948
  • Lycee Tertulien Guilbaud
    Secondary Studes, 1946 - 1948
  • Ecole St-Josephe
    Primary Studies, 1935 - 1946
Basic Information
Looking for
Friends, Dating, A relationship, Networking
As a newly graduate in Business Administration, as a Master in Business Administration, I am still looking forward to find gainful employment or create a business able to keep me in an honest and honorable position, in the community I am living. One thing is sure I am steadily searching for a respectable position bringing me a decent salary where I will be able to pay taxes and help the governments I depend on. Again, I am an Accountant looking for a position in institutions like: Banks, Credi-Unions, Businesses, Big and Small.
  • In Brooklyn,NYC
    Owner/Manager, 1969 - 1977
  • Manhattan, NYC
    Quality Control, 1978 - 1989
  • Osceola Council of Commissioners
    Front Office Reception, 1990
  • NA
Map of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has livedMap of the places this user has lived
Florida, Osceola County - Kissimmee, an average City - of About 50,000 people - A very High-Tech-Progressive City.