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Ashley Martinez
Tha name thatsz alwaysz in tha H-A-T-E-R-S-Z mouth is Ashley aka BabyGirl :) okaii okaii now somethinq about thisz lil mama: April 8th isz tha day I started stuntin on theze lil qirlsz! I play volleyball,basketball, nd ima cheerleader :) so ya yu can say I'm very athletic.. I'm hispanic buhh ppl think differently..I keep it 100% real about anythinq nd everythinq nd I expect tha same in retuRn! I'm different frm tha otha chicksz yu all knw nd thtz a promise..I have MY OWN swaqq so dnt jock!!I can be tha most classiest chick yu'll EVER meet nd thtsz a fukn promise!! Buhh at tha same time I can be Asqueroso ;) Mommy alwaysz told me I wasz qnna have A LOT of H-A-T-E-R-S-Z nd she was riqht about that :) I love to hanqout wit tha homiesz nd family :) I'm tha most funnest/funniest person yu'll every meet! I love to make ppl smile nd lauqh :) I love 2 sinq, dance, nd sometimesz rap!! Ppl tell me ima blast 2 be around cuz I knw how 2 have fun :) I most definitly LOVE 2 party nd drrink buhh who doesn't?!? Well ima bounce