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E.J. Kippo
Business Development
I lived in Beijing over 15 years, since 1998. During that period I served two companies and co-founded one myself. I returned back to Helsinki in 2013. 

• 2010-2012 Teleste Oyj, Beijing, Chief Representative China
• 2006-2009 HappyHan Company, Beijing, Co-Founder 
• 1998-2005 Nokia Corporation, Beijing, Business Development
• 1994 business agreement, Beijing, State Planning Committee
• 1992 first visit to Beijing 
• 58 times flight from EU to Beijing

I witnessed China's awakening and getting-rich-is-glorious spirit. China got Internet and phones, WTO contract and cars, factories, wealth, tourism, colours. For city-Chinese this was an upheaval.

In Beijing I studied Mandarin Chinese for 5 years. I had meetings in capitals of 19 of China's 31 provinces. I learnt certain humbleness in front of China's scale, culture and Guanxi.

When coming from rule-of-law society, China business may seem enigmatic. To achieve results, understanding China's scale and Chinese mentality is helpful.

• How do Chinese think and negotiate? Guanxi?
• Typical meeting strategies by Chinese?
• Meetings with leaders? With decision-makers? Engineers?
• Presentation yes/no issues in different meetings?
• Creative purposes of ritual- and media meetings?
• Indirect communication, but sometimes direct?
• How to motivate Chinese teams and partners?
• Group responsibility? Trust? MoQi?
• Guanxi in pre-sales, in project management, in after-sales?
• Round table dinners and other formats of treats?

Chinese mentality is different - but no fear about it.
Gap exists, getting results in China is not only about products. 


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