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Introduction A simple idea whose time has come

Indians today have a healthy appetite for international products (read: all things phoren) but acquiring such products has not been easy; requiring a trip abroad, a request to a visiting NRI aunt, or an expedition to a grey market that offers products of dubious authenticity. Shopping online at international stores comes with its own set of issues - the few stores that do deliver to India charge exorbitantly for international shipping and have no notion of Indian import duties which are calculated and collected from the customer only after the product reaches India. All in all, an expensive, cumbersome process with the potential for a nasty surprise when import duties are finally assessed in India.

20North is dedicated to changing the rules of this game. 

Bringing US stores to your doorstep in India

We've forged partnerships with some of the biggest and most trusted US retailers so it doesn't matter how hard it is to get a product - if it's available  on any US  website you will likely find it on 20North and on the off chance that you don't, we will "Special Order" it for you from the US website on which you found it.

From Tag Heuer to Tarantino, Zippos to Zeppelin, Barbie dolls to Barbecue sets, Chinaware to Chopsticks, Karaoke to Kayaks....choose from millions of products from leading international brands that you trust, pay in Rupees (or USD) and have them delivered from the US to your doorstep in India.

There really is no limit. Sporting goods, movies, electronics, books, shoes, apparel, furniture and thousands of other products are now just a mouse-click away. Payments can be made with any India issued (or International) credit or debit card and the price is inclusive of all applicable import duties, shipping costs and handling charges.

Your shopping will shipped to India, cleared from Indian customs and delivered right to your doorstep.  actually makes it seem very simple. But close to 2 years of work has gone in with great insights and leanings to ensure that the process is made seamless and painless.

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