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Melinda Lee Vinson Northam
Works at Saving my son's life in Mississippi
Lives in Miami / Ft Lauderdale, Fl.

On Halloween 2008 my youngest son Elec Robert Northam, had a 'brain imploson' from XTC (he tought) The medicall records disclosed he had taken deadly mix of Methadone & Crystal Meth. Provided by BFF Paul Clark and his Mother,Ann Clark. The certified card carring Methadone use. From Tuscaloosa, Ala., Methadone Clinic  Becaue Paul Clark ad Mther Ann Clark were mad at my son.He survived the deadly mixture lying on floor at Hallloween party with many lookers. Helecopter ride survived to Univ. pf Mss Medical Ctr., Jackson, Ms.(Ole Miss)  On 3rd day at UMMC Doctor Hokema,poclaimed 'Pons' brain injury is most fatal. NO HOPE HE MUST DIE no mattter what parents want. No hope for Elec just let him die a UMMCH hospital bed to die h has NO HOPE NO CHANCETO SURVIVE on 3rd day11/03/08.  I explained Elc only son of only son ad God decides NOT any UMMCH Doctor.  His injury was a 'Pons brain injury.  The brains 'computer chip' Lik a car. No chip nothing works 'Locked In Syndrome' severe fatal brain injury. Elec did survive against all oddds. UMMCH kicked out of hospital fr NO INSURANCE on .01/30/2009  he SURVIVED them dropped him in fatal cnditon at his Fathers house. Wthno life support set up 24 hrs in advance s wa written to UMMXH Admin,\'s.  No facilities or hospitals would accept Eelc's complex accuute care needs qualified him. Ten UMMC hospital dropped Elec in freezing cold no blankets and found him blind. UMMCH SEWED HIS EYS SHUT.  As my photos ad dailydocumented all at University of Miss Medical Ctr.,(Ole Miss) in Jackson, Ms., UMMC hospital STRIP SERCHED MUST BE ILLEGAL @ UMMCH? UMMCH Admin's directer POLICE to confescated my camera & my computer for these photos nd daily log tha  I have posted on FACE BOOK (Elec Northam ]) CNN-i Report PICASA FLICKER & YAHOO all before POLICE diected by the UMMC Admin's ordered Sgt., Douglas to STRIP SEARCH for camera memory stick and my computer. Elec's care is most cmplex sadh wont live 1 week without accute and complex care tha  no one will provide. So his Father and I did our very best every 2 hrs., For  2 yrs n 2 months. .He needed 27 drugs daily. Mssissippi Medicade ONLY povides 5 Med's.  How did he survive wth NO INSURANCE? His CXL as he just turned 25 yrs old.  General Motors Insurance (father worked 30 yrs). Elec died 11/30/210 blind and locked in. He fought to live for 2 yrs n 2 months. God showed him the way ad we walked him o te ord evryday. We prayed kissed him held hom bathed him ad lovbed him until God took him to a far better place that hell n earth. Elec's FACE BOOK w/pic's andhisees ewed shut. I am lost and need professionals to PROTECT WEAKEST SICKEST NO MATTTER WHAT. Elec was left t die in our absence driving 100 miles a day to UMMC Hospital caring for his Gand Mother (82 yrs old)  I did stupid things before 25 ys old. I d my share but no Dotors s should SEW his EYES SHUT and dump his body at home because he took drugs ndOT worthy to live. He is my yungest last child. HsFathers only sn of an only son.  Iam just a mom how can tis happen in  AMERICA ? God please help heal our souls n guide Eec in Hevan. We walked him o you daily pure and saved. In AMERICA to my son Elc Robert Northam? I love you Elec I miss you. II know you are not suffering anymore. How can this be my son? Any son or daughtr in AMERICA? Pease send prayers and positve thoughts t end  nightmares wth Eec,s eyes ewed shut and all his needs not met andhow ca thishppen?

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