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Duane Fernandez
Works at Left Field Project
Lives in Hermosa Beach, CA
Duane Fernandez is a student of his environment. Born from a Danish mother and Filipino father, Duane's diverse ethnic background towed him from his birthplace in Los Angeles, California to numerous corners of the world throughout the years. Guided by his travels abroad, Duane developed an appreciation for a diverse visual aesthetic, reflecting influences extracted from many different cultural environments. He spent most of his childhood and adolescence encountering hundreds of foreign cities and millions of indigenous people, but no one thing inspired him more than the streets of an urban metropolis.
It was through this exploration of the concrete landscape that he conceived his ideologies about life and formed his artistic sensibility. Skateboarding and graffiti cultures have influenced him most; elements of both can be found in every project with which Duane has ever been involved . These two areas were fueled by the untouchable graffiti artists he witnessed, and whose art inspired him in Copenhagen Denmark, and by the close friends he grew up skateboarding with in the streets of Los Angeles and Manila, Philippines.
Post-industrial, contemporary, modern design would take center stage for this young adult's vision. Once dreaming of becoming an archaeologist, Duane found himself broadening his interests, becoming his own archetype of the sociological anthropologist. Every path he followed and every decision he made has brought him to where he is today: a marketer, entrepreneur, painter, photographer, skateboarder, talker, manager, creator and student – coloring life in every sense.
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Hermosa Beach, CA
Hancock Park, Hollywood - Denmark, Philippines
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  • Left Field Project
    Creative Director, present
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Duane Hansen Fernandez