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Bhavya Foundation

Welcome to Bhavya Foundation!

I am Bhavya; I am a child caught in a matrimonial dispute of my parents. I do not know whether I am suffering because of in-capabilities of my parents or skewed and one sided matrimonial laws of India. I do not know why no law-maker is sensitive about need of a child like me. I do not know why our law-makers fail to understand that children need both parents.

I have heard that my father has launched “Bhavya Foundation” a registered charitable trust on my 6th birthday that is August 10, 2009. I am the Child behind Bhavya Foundation; my pining state for my Pappa is the motivation and the inspiration for this cause.  It is a birthday gift to me and awesome-gift to many children like me; who are caught in matrimonial dispute, but frankly I need both my parents and that would be the best birthday gift to me, I hope through this foundation I would get that one day.

I will have many friends like me in future given the fact that the way matrimonial disputes are increasing in Indian courts and with exponential growth in divorce rates in recent years; the future and welfare of child caught in matrimonial disputes cannot be simply ignored by giving only 50 % parental love.

It becomes increasingly important as Indian courts takes years to decide child custody matters hence insensitive about a child requirement that a child needs both parents Bhavya Foundation will help and fight for cause of children like me. Bhavya Foundation will ensure that our society is not turned as father-less society.

Bhavya Foundation will educate and increase awareness against ill-effect of gender biased laws like 498a IPC, DV act, CrPC 125 and other one-sided matrimonial laws of India. Bhavya Foundation wants all children get equal attention and affection of both parents. Bhavya Foundation wants all laws to be gender neutral and cause of children shall be paramount in every course of life.

Bhavya needs Both Parents!