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I am taking the year off from artwork as I concentrate on my full recovery and my health so that 2016 can be a year of creativity and putting hands to steel again! 

I look forward to Good Health, Healing, Spending Time With Family and Dear Friends and Making Plans for the Future!      --- God Bless.

DEL SHEARROW - Metal Art, Sculpture & Design     

Since 2000, Designer & Metal Artist Del Shearrow has created one of a kind works that are truly unique.  Some of his influences and favorites would be Pablo Picasso, Wilfrid Zogbaum, Anthony Caro and Bruce Beasely.

His hand-bent originals are Modernistic Abstract forms that sometimes seem to have an organic flow that, at times, and is blended with function and purity through his art-form and the results are extraordinary.  Del’s informal study, self-teaching and experimenting started in 2000.  His years of designing, crafting and being passionate about “form” and how shapes can work together exciting the senses is what makes his work sought after.

His work is represented in the downtown Chicago Art District at Vale Craft Gallery, a SOFA sponsor.  His work can be seen throughout Chicagoland,  Galena Territory, Madison, Washington DC, Baltimore & the Midwest.

What makes customers choose one restaurant, bar or coffee bar, professional office, – any business really; over another?   Sure, the product or professional service they offer or the food and drinks are a major factor in their decision; so is the price.  BUT more often than you may realize, it’s the Atmosphere of your business that convinces customers to come in…or sends them scurrying away.  It evokes that you are current and up to speed as well as cutting edge (and just plain cool) or you are not.  Atmosphere could be the difference in landing a new client or patron and not landing them.  What does your Atmosphere say about you?

People dine out at restaurants and go out for drinks in order to create a unique experience.  They are looking for something special that they cannot replicate at home.  One way to provide this is to create an atmosphere where people can socialize and feel comfortable.  If people enjoy your Atmosphere as well as your food, they are more likely to develop an emotional connection to your restaurant, which is a prerequisite to creating loyal customers.  Does your Atmosphere exude confidence?

"When I'm not creating gallery art or private commissioned work I love working with passionate and creative business owners.  And those who think outside the box in their endeavor to remain more than just relevant in their industry are even more fun to work with.  As a business owner myself…I get “It”.  I know that it takes a lot of time, effort purpose and money to get prospects through the door. 

Whether you own a hotel, bar, restaurant, spa, tattoo shop, coffee bar, lobby or office space or any business, every business sets out to impress their clients and even intimidate their competitors. I want to help you really standout from the competition. I even hope we make your competition jealous because you have something truly unique and memorable and they don’t.  So that means that I did my job and I look good too, win win!

I would look forward to working with you and developing a plan that works for us both and will help us to be our best!"

Door Pulls & Crash-bars

Custom Product Displays

Room Dividers & Wall Panel Sculptures

Custom Booth Dividers

Artistic Window Security

Window Treatment & Tie-backs

Custom Hostess Stations

Custom Lighting Fixtures

Custom Floor & Wall Grates for your A/C-Heat

Landscaping Features & Garden Art

Custom Beds, Night-stands & Mirrors

Custom Window Treatment & Tie-backs

Entryway Tables & Mirrors

Wall Sculptures & Free-Standing Sculptures

Coat-Trees & Coat Racks

Custom Hand-railings

What did you have in mind that you just can't seemed to find? 

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Madison, WI
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