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Hello, my name is Dr. Steve Thompson, and I have practiced dentistry in Plano, TX for 12 yrs.  I am often asked “why in the world did you want to become a dentist?”  Well, here is my story.

Years ago in 1966, I was born in the panhandle of Texas in a small town called Borger (about a two hour drive north of Amarillo) amid big oil refineries, natural gas refineries, and carbon black plants. You may think that with all the pollution spewing into the air it must have affected my brain cells and altered my DNA causing me to become a dentist!  Who knows, maybe there is some truth to that! Shortly thereafter we moved to Lubbock, TX .  It is there that I have some of my earliest memories as a child.  I remember my dad's big blue Chevy truck, sycamore trees lining the driveway and the layout and specific trees in our back yard.  Its funny though, that I don’t have any memories of the inside of the house where I’m sure I spent most of my time.

Moving on from Lubbock after a brief stay, we landed in Greenville, TX.  When people ask me where I’m from I always say Greenville, Texas.  It was there that I began to “train” for the dental profession.  From when I was old enough to walk and hold a screwdriver my parents have told me that I loved taking things apart and at least tried to put them back together.  As I grew older I loved to draw, build model airplanes, fix lawnmowers, build tree houses and forts, soup up go-karts and became known as a kid who could fix anything.  And I would always fix everything with flare and style.  Not only did I fix things but I had to make them look great or I just wasn’t happy inside.

The art lessons my parents “made me take” and that I soon learned to enjoy helped me to realize that order, balance and natural beauty were critical to creating a masterpiece.  I believe all this training helped me with my manual dexterity, critical thinking, hand eye coordination, and artistic eye for beautiful smiles, on which I rely on a daily basis. 

When I wasn’t fixing things you could most certainly find me delivering newspapers or running my lawn mowing business.  I formed my first business at about the age of 13 with a friend and called it T&H Lawn Mowing service.  We even made business cards!  I still remember them; they were hand typed on a manual typewriter with red construction paper.   It was during these years that I learned about delivering quality service at a fair price, exceptional customer service and all the basics of how to run a successful small business.  I knew from an early age I was destined to be a self-employed small business owner.

After High School in Greenville, TX I attended East Texas State for a semester studying computer science and began a work study program at E-Systems, a defense contracting company.  Even though I enjoyed programming, I knew that this wasn’t what I was called to be, so I decided to join the Army National Guard.  I knew this would be a great opportunity to serve my country; the G.I. Bill would help me with college tuition and give me some time to decide what I wanted to do in life.  After returning from Boot Camp and Advanced training, the door was opened for me to attend Texas A&M University.  Gig’ em Aggies!!  I really enjoyed A&M, and after my 3rd year I was accepted into Baylor College of Dentistry from which I graduated with honors in 1994.  Dentistry has been a great fit for me, and I really enjoy being a dentist.  I have a real passion for cosmetic and implant dentistry plus I enjoy helping people with TMJ pain, bad bites and age worn smiles.  My goal for Imagecare Dental is to educate our patients, and for all our patients to receive expert dental care combined with outstanding customer service. We want to help you achieve optimal oral health! 

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Steven P. Thompson, DDS, FAGD
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