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Kenneth Schwartz
I have been sharpening Japanese knives for over 6 years and previously sharpened all sorts of knives and microsurgical instruments under a microscope for over 25 years. My grandfather was a carpenter who manufactured cabinetry and I still use some of his tools. I am also an avid home cook, experienced in cooking multiple cuisines. Sharpening has been both a hobby and a passion for me.  I am now offering this skill as a service. I continue to pursue a journey to perfect my skills with practice and study, combining the study of steels, waterstones, diamond 'stones', ergonomics (control of body movements performing tasks like sharpening) plus other techniques and materials that I can use to refine my edges. I study edges under a microscope to perfect my techniques. I build, use and sell devices to achieve precision in my edges that can exceed what can be done freehand when this is required.