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Marie Ouellet
Works at FACT Financial Brokerage
Attends Bachelor in Sciences in E-Business, Student
Lives in Viking, Alberta, T0B 4N0, Canada
Marie Ouellet is the owner of two alternative energy merchandise stores online including and, a jewelry merchandise store online, all purchased from Julia Web Design on E Bay in 2011,  and FACT Financial Brokerage, a business loan and venture capital resource, matching, and application assistance service online using extensive experience in licensed market research, insurance, and consumer credit sales and services for patrons of major, merchant, and retail consumer credit cards, started February 2010.  The financial brokerage's website started a few months later.  
 Marie Ouellet was born in Alberta, Canada in 1960.  No one knows looking at this youthful person photographed for this picture in her home January 13th, 2011, that she is age firty years.  Life was different in her early years.  Human rights laws of the United Nations did not exist until 1967, when she was in Grade 2 of school, using the alphabet and numbers to make syllables, and basic words.  Other events were changing the world including controversial demonstrations of the peace movement started near then and continued through the 1970's.  New organizations included the United Nations and Commonwealth.  Federal, provincial, and municipal governments and their counties started looking at the environment, and what could be done to preserve it, asking if non-renewable resources were the only solutions to energy needs.  Sponsorships and information were developed for industries that involved manufacture, production, tourism, and more interest became key issures in development of environmental and alternative energy resources .   Soon, better regulations and oversight became important parts of  the responsibilities of businesses and government leaderships.

     Marie has fond memories of the first color television used by everyone in their family.  They watched the first men on the moon after several attempts failed and heroic efforts from many countries who tried, some with lives lost.  The first desktop computers were bought by our Provincial Government of Alberta for the schools of our generations' children. Bilingual English and French language arts and physical education in every Canadian child's education program.  Canada's first immigration program for refugees were initiated adequately for refugees to be accepted in Canada, a young country in comparison, after many years of complications.

     Marie decided this was time to act.  An Advance High School Diploma of 119 Credits upgraded a General High School Diploma with 113 credits and 13 honors of 27 courses from 1978.  The new courses added included Math Pure 10 and Science 10, required for the new requirements of Alberta Education in addition to Chemistry 30 and Physics 30 in 2001.  Their Math Pure in the Provincial Examinations placed comparatively to 17th in the world.  Computers, hardware, software, downloads, email, media, and social networks were easy developments with user friendly programs once I got started by following the directions on the computers at the library.  Skills from employments in financial services in market research, insurance, and applications and increases in credit cards were applied to develop a business FACT Financial Brokerage online.  Marie started a bachelor in e-Business online to complement business development was added 2010.  The Internet is one of the biggest parts of a growing professional career for profit. 

       Marie Ouellet and the business development of FACT Financial Brokerage in progress are expected to become examples for future similar business initiative projects that have used government budgets to support their operations in the past.  Marie is working with Rod Kripps who is the local representative of the Town of Viking Office, Beaver County, and Province of Alberta presently to develop regulatory protection for professional income, that involves a higher level of responsibility and requires a higher compensation than the minimum wage for normal labor in Labor Standards in Canada.
     Much work are done by businesses and public policy to achieve the success enjoyed by modern countries in the information and technology age we enjoy everyday.  Marie Ouellet is a contributes to these developments with the passions shared by her family and many of ther associations, encouraging a better world through communication, policy, and, if proven needed, legislation.
  • Bachelor in Sciences in E-Business, Student
  • Fundamentals of Art, 21 Credits
  • General Insurance Brokerage - Customer Service
  • Canadian Micro Business
  • Mortgage Associate Program (MAP)
  • Pro Serve Liquor Certificate to 2015
  • Reel Facts VLT Training to 2015
Student and Business
  • FACT Financial Brokerage
    Student and Business, present
  • Financial Services including Insurance
  • Financial Services including Credit Card Applications limits $500 to $1,000,000
  • Financial Services including increases of limits with no maximum of Retail Credit Cards
  • Recruitment of Sales Appointments for Volume Contracts $1,000,000 to $11,000,000
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Viking, Alberta, T0B 4N0, Canada
Peace River Region, Alberta, Canada - Edmonton 18 years