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Mary Burns
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I was born and raised in St. Louis Missouri. I grew up in the north St. Louis area of Walnut Park and Jennings. I came from a very strict Italian family and like all young girls in that situation at that time, I was not allowed to go anywhere or have anyone to my house. My mother was forced to go to work when I was ten, because my father took very sick and was hospitalized for 8 years, until he passed away. My role in the family became my mothers former role, in continuing to raise the two brothers that were still at home at that time. One two years older than me, and one three years younger. Besides school, cooking, cleaning, ironing and generally tending to my brothers, I made it through life listening to music and watching television. I was a true child of the fifties. I loved Rock & Roll, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Tom Jones as well as Liberace, Patsy Cline, Frankie Laine and Tony Bennet. I was an avid western fan, and my first and always hero, was William Boyd or Hopalong Cassidy. I graduated to Raymond Burr or Perry Mason by the age of fourteen. I sent him a tie & socks gift set, that cost me $1.00 for Christmas one year. It took him three months to answer me back, because he was out of the country, but he did finally answer me to tell me how much he appreciated it. I was on cloud nine. I knew from the age of eight that somehow I would be in show business. I would put on shows for the neighborhood kids parents. I remember the first song I had ever sung on stage in front of people: "Roll A Silver Dollar by Teresa Brewer. I went to a catholic grade school and was not at all popular with the nuns. I was sent to the principles office one day for leading the whole forth grade choir class in a rousing version of Elvis' GI Blues, when the nun had left the room to attend to something else. As she returned she heard it from the hall, and when she entered the room without hesitation, she immediately called out my name "Mary Constance, to the principles office.On the one or two only days of the year that we were allowed to wear anything other than our uniforms, I wore a white blouse that I had painted the album cover from Elvis' Loving You LP on the back. Of course I was sent home to change. But I never gave up. I was expelled from school on three different occasions because and I quote My endowment was too big and I gave the boys bad thoughts. But I was nine years old I had no idea what they were talking about. They finally came up with the solution to make me a special uniform. Instead of the criss cross pattern the other girls were wearing, the nuns made me a special uniform, with one big square patch in the front. I know their intent was not to have me draw such attention, but all they seemed to accomplish was to make it worse. Because it was a catholic school at that time the girls and boys were kept separate, both in class and from the playground. But every time the boys passed the girls on their way to wherever they were going, they would all point at me and say "Hey that must be Bono, she's the one with the Boobs". But I tried hard not to let it get me down, and I would just immerse myself in my music and movie stars. By age 25 I had four kids and a first husband in prison. Minimum wage was $1.00 per hour, and after a 40 hour work week, and taxes I was lucky to have $32.00 per week. I could not leave my kids for that long, plus driving time for that amount of money and pay a babysitter too. Then a little bar up the street offered me $25.00 per night for four hours, three nights per week. Well, do the math, I was making $75.00 per week and only had to be away from my kids four 12 hours. That's is how I began my show business career. Within 5 months, I was off welfare and making $500.00 per week. From there I began traveling the country, my mother quit her $42.00 per week job for $100.00 per week that I was paying her plus her room and board, utilities and food I provided to stay home with the kids while I worked. From there I went to playing Las Vegas, For $5000.00 per week. I finally achieved a recording contract with MCA records, and recorded 3 albums. The slight drawback to all of this was that I went from one crappy management team to another, until I wound up with a group that turned out to be connected. Everything went down hill from there. Including coming home one night after I quit them, to three huge masked men with guns in my driveway. My second husband by the grace of God, fought them off, and the neighbors after hearing all the ruckus, called the police. When they heard the sirens they gave up and took off running. Of course that was the end of my second marriage. The management team figured if they could hurt him bad enough to put him in the hospital or worse, that I would be easier to control. But that did not happen so they did everything in their power to keep me from working, by spreading rumors that I was a drug addict and worse. I thought that was ironic because I had never drank alcohol or even saw cocaine, much less used it. But, none the less they scared off any serious management as well as the record companies. By 1986 I decided that the one thing I had always wanted to do in life besides singing and acting was to go to college. Again a girl in an Italian family did not need education, it was a waste of time and money. But I went anyway. At the age of 40 I was in college at SIU Edwardsville Illinois. I wound up with 92 credits more than I needed to graduate, because I went there to learn, not to get a job. In 1999 I started an Antique business, another love of mine in St. Louis, on Cherokee Street in south St. Louis City, know as Antique Row. That lasted a couple years when I learned that I could sell way more antiques online through ebay than I ever could waiting for someone to walk through the door and purchase something. But all the while I continued singing and I am still singing and performing.
But recently I have added Webmaster to my list. I have a new website Called: Mary's Mighty Mall ...  Which is an ONLINE SHOPPING MALL. It is quite large and comprehensive and you will find everything you can imagine there. My list of categories are as follows: Agriculture, Art, Art's & Crafts & Hobbies, Astrological Readings & Metaphysical Products, Archery, Automotive, Babies & Toddlers, Banking, Credit Cards & Finance, Boating, Business, Children & Teens, Camping & Hiking, College & Continuing Education, Construction, Internet Dating, Employment & Job Services, Fishing, Fitness & Exercise, Garden & Landscaping, Genealogy, Green/Recycling, Halloween, Holidays, Home Furnishings, Hunting, In The Kitchen & Food, Legal Services, MA/MMA/WEC & Wrestling, Medical Services, Military, Mobile Homes, Motorcycles, Music, Office Supplies & Furniture, Party Supplies, Performing Arts, Pets, Remodeling Home, RV's & Campers, Seniors Interest, Software, Sports, Technology, Travel, Wedding & Writing and all the subcategories of these categories. Please visit me and tell me what you think. I have tried to do all the work for you and with one click of a category you will have 1000's of related subjects to choose from. For example if you are planning a wedding. Then just click "wedding" and everything you will need will be at your fingertips. From the Simplest to the most Extravagant wedding a couple could want and it is already all there just waiting for searching endless suggestions from search engines that happen to mention the the word wedding, but have NOTHING to do with actual things you need to plan your wedding. Try it, I think you will be very happy with the incredibly easy way you will find what you are looking for. SO, What are you looking for?
  • Corpus Christy, Nativity, Normandy High & SIUE
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Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Performer, Antique Dealer and Webmaster
  • Mary Burns & Mary's Mighty
    Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Performer, Antique Dealer and Webmaster, present
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