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Works at united states veterans administration ( HAAAAA!!!!!)
Attends Aldine,Army,Vietnam,Prison,northside Houston!
Lived in Houston-and-Hell
my outlaw days are done now i just watch clowns.
i'm Ric Simmons from north Houston,( Lee Road ) Vietnam Vet,Brother was Buddy, Sister is Jeannie, Dad was Johnny, Mom was Mac..If you cant recognize those facts...I ain't the same ric your'e thinking i mite be. I'm a good dude,all according to who,what and the instant People/person,situation and necessary responding behavior requires. Guess that says I'm on demand adaptable / adjustable / alert but very comfortable with the way I fly. Have had some bad landings...who hasn't..but iv'e never broken my wings...still crusing at my own altitude and at whatever damned speed i like at the time...Mabe i've fell across tha formula for peace, mabe not...BUT...I....LIKE....ME! And I reckon as long as THAT'S true,....I kinda reckon Igot it pretty much on the right channel. ( GRIN :) )
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did survive Vietnam,death of the ONLY ONE, two divorces, five or six trips for a gang of years, " up the river " ( yep, THAT River ) and many bullet holes, drunken bodily contacts with other folks knives,3 Endoverandrolls in various cars, broke neck crushed eyesocket&cheek, split palate,shattered ankle and now got pins in my right paw, plates in foot and paw and screws in hoof and neck. B...U...T HAAAAA!!!! I ain'tdone YET!!! bragging rights still tell me I got a HELL of a lot left to go and DO before RICKY SIMMONS sez he's had enough!!! ain't GOT no back-up in me! Motto is " Somehow.Someway, Get a Grin a Day" And ..God Help Me....Somehow , Someway ,,,If I TRY, By Gods PATIENCE with my heathen ass...I DO!
  • Aldine,Army,Vietnam,Prison,northside Houston!
    How to stay alive( IN ALL OF THE ABOVE!! ), present
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Ricroxx, Ric, Ricky, Outlaw, Outlaw Ric
On a veterans pension now for "Nam, so reckon my occupation is what ever in hell i feel like at the minuite
  • united states veterans administration ( HAAAAA!!!!!)
    Vietnam Veteran With P.T.S,D, References from Hell, 1966 - present
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