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Pimsleur Approach is a leader in audio language courses.
Founded in 2000, Pimsleur Approach is a leader in audio-based language learning courses. The Pimsleur language learning system was developed by Dr. Paul Pimsleur, a specialist in the field of applied linguistics, and features over 40 different languages. 

Pimsleur courses are one of the fastest ways to learn to speak a new language.

Developed with over 40 years of research, Pimsleur courses are based upon a set of specific scientific principles that are aimed to teach the conversational aspects of a language at a rapid pace. The main goal of each Pimsleur course is to have the user speaking a new language in a very short amount of time.

Pimsleur courses have helped over 25 million people across the world effortlessly learn a new language and are trusted by government agencies, educators and professionals.
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Pimsleur Approach has helped more than 25 million people across the world learn new languages.
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