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Outdoor Albania
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Discover the true Albania!
We are a specialist travel agency, located in Tirana and created in 1992 by travelers who pioneered responsible tourism in Albania.
We provide incoming tours for Hiking, trekking, culture, rafting, sea kayaking, cycling and biking.
We love our country and we love to show our guests, who come from all over the world, the wonderful beauty, culture and traditions of this little known corner of the Mediterranean.
We hope you will join us in Albania, we look forward to being your partner as you explore our beautiful country. We guarantee you will have unforgettable experience!

Our experienced tour leaders are licensed professionals at international level, who continuously update our itineraries by bringing what's new and best to do in a country that is changing with fast pace. We consider OA as a company "by travelers, for travelers", and we place particular attention to satisfy the curiosity and the needs of our guests.

Benefits of travelling with Outdoor Albania:

  • Specialized operation and knowledge.
  • Continual trailblazing and development of new destinations.
  • Commitment to total safety.
  • A "life-seeing" experience rather than a sight-seeing experience.
  • Professional guides.Dedication to fast and effective decisions while on the field.
  • Finest accommodations and food according to location.                                                        
  • Commitment to eco-tourism, respecting the environment and local traditions.
  • Commitment to customer service and sensitivity to special needs and requests.
For many years Outdoor Albania have organized nature-friendly tours in Albania, promoting the protection of landscapes, bio-habitats, traditions and monuments. Our continuous exploration  brings economical benefits to the most remote rural areas of Albania. Outdoor Albania provides environmental education for local inhabitants, committing them to the protection of their natural and cultural heritage. Our vision and our mission is always focused on sustainable and responsible tourism both now and in the future.

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Tirana, Albania
Sustainable tourism in Albania. Trips, tours and holidays.
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