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Canadian Prairie Theoretical Physics Network
Lived in Camrose, Alberta
The Canadian Prairie Theoretical Physics Network (CPTPN) is a commitment on the part of theoretical physicists, mathematicians, and other academic people with theoretical physics interests within this region of Canada to build a network linking the universities of this region together for the purpose of promoting high-quality theoretical physics research and the advanced education of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.  Its underlying purpose is to optimize the viability of theoretical physics research performed throughout the prairie region of western Canada, in terms of making ourselves aware of the other institutions' research efforts and facilitating the opportunity for collaborative research to be conducted amongst members within the CPTPN. 

Another very important goal of the CPTPN is to ensure the timely offering of high-quality specialized graduate-level classes in all branches of theoretical physics that can be taken by graduate students supervised by institutions represented in the CPTPN.  For the smaller institutions within this region, this is a particularly difficult challenge because there is often a lack of a critical mass of graduate students to justify the offering of very specialized classes solely for their own graduate students.  Therefore, the idea behind this network is to pool our resources and expand the base of available students who can take specialized courses via distance education, commuting, or some other mechanism, such that every institutions' graduate programs can progress efficiently and effectively.

Important Announcement:  The third conference of the Canadian Prairie Theoretical Physics Network (CPTPN-3) will be held at First Nations University of Canada--a federated college of the University of Regina--in Regina, SK on August 21-22, 2012.  We invite all theoretical physicists or other academics with theoretical physics interests to attend CPTPN-3 and present their latest research.  Membership in the CPTPN is not a requirement to attend CPTPN-3.  

We have also organized an optional evening public lecture to be held on August 20, 2012 at 7:00 pm in the Education Auditorium at the University of Regina.  Our keynote speaker is Dr. Leroy Little Bear from the University of Lethbridge who will speak on philosophical topics of theoretical physics from a First Nations perspective.  His public lecture is entitled:  "What Can First Nations People Say About Quantum Mechanics?"

While all participants of CPTPN-3 are expected to be self-supporting to attend the conference, we also hope to have a travel fund available for students/postdocs and others in financial need once all conference expenses are paid out.  Please contact: "@" to request for more information about CPTPN-3.  
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Formed in Februrary 2010, the CPTPN currently has over 90 declared members from institutions based in Canada (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec), the United States, Australia, Italy, Sweden, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. (Unfortunately, not all of the CPTPN member locations can be listed on the map below, due to technical limitations beyond our control.) The CPTPN is definitely growing in total membership, diversity of research interests, and geographical extent. For more information, please contact: "@"
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Camrose, Alberta - Calgary, Alberta - Lethbridge, Alberta - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Regina, Saskatchewan - Brandon, Manitoba - Winnipeg, Manitoba - Thunder Bay, Ontario - Guelph, Ontario - Toronto, Ontario - Lennoxville, Quebec - Allendale, Michigan - Baton Rouge, Louisiana - San Diego, California - St. Paul, Minnesota -
Professors, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and undergraduates in theoretical physics, mathematics, and other academic professions compatible with theoretical physics. Membership is free of charge and open worldwide to anyone with some academic training compatible with theoretical physics. Formal membership comes from sponsorship by a current CPTPN member.
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