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Rocky Slagstone
Works at Bedrock Family Clinic
Attends Skool of Hard Rocks
Lives in Bedrock, AK
I appeared on the "The Fintstones" show on episode October 28, 1960  (Season 1, Episode 5)

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Synopsis of the patient incident

A conk on the head turned Fred into an aristocratic sophisticate, whose behavior manages to disrupt the entire city of Bedrock.

Full Recap

Barney goes over to Fred and Wilma's house to borrow a tool from Fred. Barney greets Wilma and she tells him that Fred isn't home yet and Barney helps himself to a Cactus Coola and Wilma tells him he can have it. After Barney leaves, Fred comes home in a foul mood. He cheers up after remembering that he has a cold Cactus Coola in the fridge and goes to get it. Wilma tells him that Barney got it and Fred is furious.

Fred goes to confront Barney and tells him that they are through as friends. He spots a bottle that looks like his Cactus Coola and drinks it. Barney tells him that was car polish and Fred throws the bottle up in the air and it falls and knocks him in the head.

Barney and Betty take Fred back home and tell Wilma what happened. Fred comes to and now says his name is Frederick and he is now polite and charming, a total opposite from what he has been. Wilma is glad he is this way for a while, but it gets to the point where she wishes for the old Fred.

Meanwhile, Frederick's actions have affected how the wives in town think their husbands should be acting and now all the guys are after Frederick. Barney makes the mistake of taking Frederick to the bowling alley and they are chased out.

Once Fred and Barney make it back home, Barney comes up with the idea that if they can give Fred another knock on the noggin that he should change back to his old self. They put a rock above a partially opened door and Frederick walks through and it knocks him in the head. Fred is back and not happy. The scene closes with Wilma and Betty happy to have their husbands, faults and all.

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