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I started out getting arrested for possession of Marijuana and joined the navy to avoid charges! Ended up in Special Forces. Got out of Navy and Started a Successful Flooring Company. Then a Friend told me a guy was selling his lots on a site called eBay. I had some lots, thus his call, I quickly learned HTML made a site and put it on ebay. 

The lot sold, I was astonished! I actually got the check from the title company! Long story short, put the others up and sold them, used the money to buy more in same area, 2 years later I was a Titanium Level Power seller on Ebay. The 1st and to date only one in that category to ever make that level. Sold over 500 lots in SW Florida in approx. 2 years. Was worth 30 million dollars when I left Florida and became a Developer. 

I Built a few subdivisions and sold them, then started teaching my Friends how to market online and make websites etc etc... None of my Friends have a "job" or "work" any longer btw... they make money online. They all prompted me to start a school to teach others, spent about a year building the University and Website. Launched it a few mos ago and doing quite well. Mostly TV advertising due to the intense competition in that niche online. 

To date sold over 8700 units and have made 50 people I know of for absolutely sure Millionaires. Proud of it heh this is a BIO isn't it?! Want to see some of my estates and Corvette and Viper go to . You can sign up there and learn how to make money online too. From a Real Person that has Really done it, and Still does, Make Money Online. And that' what I do to this very moment. I have approx. 176 websites on the net, I do marketing and also SEO for a living. Check out my Latest Site an awesome site for your web endeavor! Or and so many others... making money online is so cool. 

It is awesome to go out shopping during the week, in a pair of Hawaiian shorts and a T shirt buying whatever I want and everyone else is either 100 yrs. old or wearing a uniform! I teach you how, I give all of my Students Personal Support, I have a Staff, but when it comes to Support, I do that. I love to meet new People and watch their lives change. "Makin' Money Online" its what I do and damn proud of it!! 

You can too, its not that hard you just need some help and this is where I come into the picture... Give me a call anytime or visit and we will get your Life Changing Endeavor underway asap!!

Blessings to all!


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  • US Navy Underwater Demolition
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