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Ellen Brundige
Freelance blogger, storyteller, student of the ancient world and of the web. MA in classical studies (Latin and Greek literature), MA in mythology.

My professional blog, Mythphile, explores the intersection between world mythology and modern culture. 

I'm most proud of the work I did as one of several graduate students helping build the Perseus Digital Library from 1993-1996. From 1996-2010, I worked on a PhD in classics at UCI, taught or TAed Latin, etymology, Greek mythology and art history, and completed a second MA in mythological studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Through all that time, I continued to build websites and publish on diverse subjects: web design, art history, the ancient world and Tolkien research, to name a few.

In addition to creating webpages for academic institutions and courses, I have built websites on my personal interests since 1993. In 2011, I decided to shift "hobby" to "job," and I am now supporting myself through my own blogs and articles published on third-party publishing sites.

I have been studying SEO (search engine optimization) since 2007. As a languages scholar, I am fascinated by the non-semantic use of words by search engines: "keywords" used as signposts and navigation aids rather than as carriers of meaning. Our words not only express our ideas; nowadays, they help our would-be readers find us. 
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