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Guy Rankin
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As the Chief Executive Officer and President of International Housing Solutions (IHS), Guy Rankin strives to provide better housing alternatives to individuals living in underserved communities around the world.

 A private development firm focused on helping the 1.6 billion individuals worldwide in need of quality housing, IHS works with local organizations and all levels of government to create practical housing solutions that meet each community’s individual needs. As the firm’s CEO, Guy Rankin uses his experience in community development to oversee all of IHS’s design, building, and asset management programs.

Mr. Rankin has developed a reputation for possessing a keen analytical insight and the ability to apply private-sector business strategies to public-sector projects. Under his direction, IHS has built thousands of new housing units that provide both a place to live and new jobs for the community. Committed to sustainable development, Guy Rankin helped develop the nation’s first Platinum LEED senior-housing development. His firm pledges to offer each community the most sustainable housing options available, and its Housing Development Plants will train local workers in eco-friendly construction techniques.

A commitment to environmentally responsible practices is just one of the ways Mr. Rankin’s firm strives to improve each community. IHS also works to ensure that the cultural integrity of each community remains preserved, and actively involves locals in the development of construction projects as a way to bring the community closer together.

Mr. Rankin also built the first Platinum Affordable Housing Development in the United States for seniors, Cypresswood Estates, which has won over 12 local, state, and national awards. Considered an international leader in affordable housing developments and an innovative builder of sustainable housing, Guy Rankin earned worldwide recognition for his work in leading a team that housed more than 65,000 people in 18 days through his emergency response to Hurricane Katrina and ultimately housed more than 250,000 people.

Mr. Rankin created America's Housing Choice Center, which facilitated the placement of thousands of people in housing in a short period of time. Mr. Rankin has housed people in over 41 states throughout the United States and is currently working on developing housing options for 62 nations throughout the world.

As one of America’s most talented and innovative leaders, Mr. Rankin has not only been able to deliver the highest quality housing to people in need, he has also helped clients to achieve self sufficiency and independence.  In 2005, following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Rankin housed over 25,000 people through the Houston Astrodome in 18 days by creating America’s first long-term disaster housing assistance program.  His leadership and program design led to more than 36,000 families being serviced in the Houston area.  In 2007, Rankin was appointed by HUD to manage the Disaster Housing Assistance Program (DHAP) in Houston, TX, New Orleans, LA and in various other cities located in 41 states throughout the United States.  Because of Rankin’s extraordinary leadership, the DHAP Program serves as a national model to help families end their long-term reliance on government assistance after an emergency or disaster strikes.  

Rankin has a reputation for bringing about change in the perception of pubic sector operations by applying a private sector business model which recognizes excellence in service and sacrifice.   Key elements to his success include developing a strong team, addressing community needs first, and implementing intense audit and financial controls

Before joining the Harris County Housing Authority, Rankin was the Chief Operating Officer for the Harris County Community Development Department. Rankin also served as the Planning Director for the City of LaPorte, Texas.

National and Best Practice Experience

Successfully Changed a Troubled Housing Authority into One of America’s Best

As CEO of the Harris County Housing Authority, Guy Rankin successfully changed a troubled housing Authority into one of America’s Best.  The HCHA administers its housing programs in accordance with HUD regulations while carrying out its mission to “promote innovative housing communities and assist families to achieve self sufficiency.”  For six consecutive years, the HCHA has received national recognition from HUD as the highest performing housing authority in its region.

Created and Implemented America’s first Mass Housing Disaster Plan (Houston Astrodome -2005 following Hurricane Katrina).

When the United States Housing & Urban Development (HUD) entered into an inter-agency agreement with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to create the Disaster Housing Assistance Program (DHAP), it had in mind an agency with the credibility and the sense of excellence needed to be the benchmark for the program’s administration.  Guy Rankin and the Harris County Housing Authority (HCHA), proving capable of performing at the highest level, was asked to design a model of how the DHAP program should be run.  Indicated below are some of HCHA’s performance highlights accomplished under the leadership of Guy Rankin.

·         HCHA currently administers the DHAP for Harris County, Greater New Orleans and on a national scale throughout 41 states. 

·         HCHA administers monthly rental assistance payments to property owners on behalf of DHAP families.  To date, HCHA has paid over $153 million in payments for the last 12 months.

·         HCHA has mastered how to assist families on the road to self sufficiency, proving them capable of managing a massive national program and passing various audits with zero findings for the past six years.

·         HCHA has invested in its greatest resource by providing training and certifications to over 400 staff members and 100 new property inspectors.

·         HCHA designed three (3) state of the art DHAP Centers (each built within 30-days) to conduct day to day DHAP operations.  DHAP Harris County 24,000 sq. ft., DHAP Greater New Orleans 33,000 sq. ft., and DHAP USA 3,000 sq. ft.

·         HCHA demonstrates its ability to successfully collaborate with community leaders and business partners to place families in intermediate housing and build centers that accommodate displaced families with dignity and respect;.

·         HCHA is the “go to” agency when a disaster strikes leaving families displaced and in need of intermediate rental subsidy assistance.  Milan Ozdinec, Deputy Assistant secretary for Public Housing and Voucher Programs, U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development says, ‘The Harris County Housing Authority has been there from the start to support families displaced by the hurricanes; it has done a remarkable job running the DHAP program…”  HUD cites Guy Rankin’s leadership and the Harris County Housing Authority’s previous DHAP success as the reason it tapped the agency for an expanded role.  

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