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Jorge Rudes
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I grow up in Sao Paulo Brazil were I was born. My mother gave me up when I was only two weeks old to an orphanage. Growing up in an orphanage in Brazil has opened my eyes hand heart to see. I know what it is like to need,want and desire.Though I was adopted in 1987, I still struggled to find myself and my mission in life, and has been one filled with both disappointment and expectation. The one thing that kept me going was hope! My hope in the Lord that I know and believes in. My faith in Jesus Christ gets stronger everyday especially when people bring me down. After experiencing another setback, pondering its meaning, I went to a deep sleep. I awoke from a slumber gift. I had a dream, and in this dream I knew I was give a vision and a message; a message to be shared. I this dream, I saw an image. I awoke from sleep and in the twilight of memory, I began to draw the image that was "revealed" to me. Here's my dream. In my dream I went to visit my home country of Brazil. I was walking on the beach and encountered a little boy who was drawing a picture in the sand. As I got closer to this boy, I stopped and was amazed that he was an artist like me. I wanted to ask him what was it that he was drawing. This boy turned around to me, as if he was expecting me. Before I could say anything, I couldn't believe my eyes. This boy was me! Then this little boy started talking to me with a very deep authoritative voice and stated: ' JORGE, THIS MESSAGE IS FOR YOU TO SHOW TO ALL THE WORLD ! THE MESSAGE IS WITHIN THE FISH. '" When I woke up, I vividly recalled that this boy was drawing a picture of a fish. Taking a pencil in my hand, I began to draw and finished the components of the fish from my dream and was awestruck. The fish was composed of a heart making the head, the number 7 making the body and the Cross making the lower half of the body and the tail. What I saw drawn from my memory of my dream now has become a passion and a mission to me. What message was this? Being a Christian, I recognized immediately a NEW message within an ancient symbol of the Jesus fish ( the fish symbol ). As I relates, " I then understood the new message I was given to the world. The Head of the fish is made of a heart, denoting God's love for all mankind. The body is comprised of the number 7, witch is God's perfect number. The Cross of Jesus makes up the tail. The Cross of Jesus Christ is both a gift of sacrifice and salvation for all mankind ! Jesus died for all, that all may live with Him forever. " There are many Christian symbols that has been associated with a simple phrase or verse of scripture, like .., W.W.J.D? What would Jesus Do? Or the F.R.O.G.., Fully Rely On God, and so on. Still I knew that my dream was the new message I struggled to put into words the true meaning until 3 years went passed and God sent me an interpreter, Larry Stevens. After a providential encounter with Larry Stevens at a gathering of Christian me, Larry pondered and prayed. He also believes that the Lord has given him the words to place with this symbol of faith. Three words that sums up the simple and profound meaning of this symbol and the length and depth of faith; Love's Perfect Gift. Being an orphan from the time I was two weeks old until I was adopted in 1987, my life's journey is one of adversity, courage, determination and of faith. "My life wasn't easy growing up in an orphanage." The conditions for the orphans there were at times cruel and harsh. Even the very youngest at age three had to "work" to keep our stay until adoption. The lack of proper clothing, shoes and loving care has always stuck to me. Some us us never ended up getting adopted and was forced out of the orphanage the day we turned 18 years of age and fend for them self. Many didn't make it and ended up dead or commending suicide. Some turned to drugs or gangs to easy their pain or to just simply to fit in or to feel loved. I'm am sadden when I look back at that and wished that I had this fish back then to show the true Love on the Cross. But God had bigger and better plans for me and it wasn't the right time yet. However, my memory was not a memory that lead to bitterness. It is mine catalyst to give back ! I'm not sure where this symbol and its message will lead me, but I do know that we are in the last days and now batter then ever we stand up in what we believe in and go to the world and show God's Love !! Rather it be by symbols, art work, singing, missions, or even pastoring., what ever it may be we need to make a stand for our Lord Jesus Christ that gave Himself a Perfect Gift on the Cross so that we will live with Him FOREVER !! God has given me this mission and it has became my soul purpose and mission in my life to make sure that I am doing God's will in showing the world The New Jesus Fish and Sharing my stories in hope they to my have eternal life with Him and in return is that they too will give back in spreading God's Love through The New Jesus Fish and Sharing my stories with who ever they meet in their life's journeys. My hope is to one day help orphans in Brazil and children, people, and families; Water, food, close, shelter is we need to survive. And if it takes me all I got to make this happen I'll live to my death to do so!! To get each other hope and showing God's Love through us is what we were BORN TO DO !! Do this and we all can live a better future. I'm giving back 10% of every dollar I make to orphans and the rest of the money I'm going to share all that needs it not want it.

This is my destiny and my life !!! Please spread my story and this symbol of Love .., Thanks

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