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larry noble
Works at (Redemption World Outreach Center!)
Attended Advantage College '05.
Lives in sc
[I'LL DIE FOR, WHO I LIVE FOR] {Eccl,8:5-6}"A wise man's mind will know both when and what to do.[6]For every purpose and matter has it's right time and judgment".-------- Here's what's happened in my life after RHEMA Bible Training Center. Many of you know I was home on vacation the night my dad died of a massive heart attack. This happened the day after Christmas 1998, at 10:45 PM! {he was only 44 } He owned and operated a family business that he built from the ground up with my mom. Uncles,cousins,and meny family friends were employed by them. I prayed about moving back to OHIO to help, and I had that deep peace within that it was the right move-{Phil,4:7};So I resigned from my job at [DJJ],said good bye to Tulsa OK,and left RHEMA Bible Church. When I got back home to OHIO,there was a lot of pressure to be the savior of the store,but I was only their to help my mom through this difficult time.[The store was just a means to that end]! I knew my mom wanted to give me the business, because 3 years earlier,my dad used it as a bargaining chip to keep me from going to RHEMA.He said"If you stay and work for me,and don’t go to Bible school,I will give you the store in just a few years time".My mom also did her best to talk me out of it as well,but I choose to obey what I believed was the leading of God,so I disappointed them by leaving. And now im back 3 years later,and it looks as if their plain for my life,is going to come to pass. I had a sense of purpose back at Bible school! and when I left ,it was like I left that behind as well. I am so thankful that God put it on my heart to plug back back in and get involved with my old youth group [BCF/REFUGE].This was the place that gave me my purpose back! I started out with just helping them out with whatever they needed. And before you know it im overseeing small groups called[ICU],helping out with soul snatchers,evangelizing,and they even put me in charge of security![no doubt because of my experience with hard headed youth] This youth group grew to over 300+youth in just a few years,and our youth were on fire for God! This became my escape from a job that was looking like I was going to have no choice but to do. Dont get me wrong ,it was not a hard job,God gave me grace to do it. But it was starting to look as if I could do nothing else with my life. I met the women I was destined to merry on 9,5,99;at my church [ Believers Christian Fellowship ].I shared my heart with her about this,and she helped me get the courage to begin to make that transition. What most people didn’t know, was that I was trying to convince my mom to sell it many times before this.[ people wanted to bye it,and it would have been what was best ]!But she choose not to do it.After over a year of working fulltime at that store,I got a part time job at target,stocking shelves[midnights]I slept in the stores apt,until noon,then I would work it when I woke up. I hoped my mom would realize that I was not going to be their the rest of my life. And she would choose to sale it! But a sibling was now helping her out and acted as if they would take it over,so my mom kept it. I got marred on 8,18,01;I also was working a new job [stark truss/midnights].By that time I just helped my mom out here and there.I told them that her and my sibling could have it,if they wont sell it! I knew that the store was not going to make it,because I had to practically make my mom work,[she did not want to be there].I tried to warn my sibling that mom was going to quit on you,and you'll have to shoulder it all. I also tried to warn my mom that her child would eventually fold under the pressure of it all! None of them would heed my warnings! It was so frustrating to watch what I said slowly start to come to pass.I focused on my wife,and my future daughter who was born on 6,21,03;.My wife’s dad lived out in S.C.He offered us a place to stay if we wanted to move out there and get established.Me and my wife sought the direction of God,and we had a peace about doing it.My wife just graduated college,and was hired as a math teacher out there.I just trusted God would help me find something.We had my spiritual Father [Pastor Mark Pegley] lay hands on us,Bless us,and off we went.I found out after I got there that their was a stark truss down the road.Out of a possible 20 in the USA I moved right next to one.They hired me on the spot!Soon after that we went looking for a Church.We did not find nothing until we went to RWOC.Well they were singing worship something in me said "this is it",So within myself I said OK to Him.Later when I herd the minister,I was glad GOD sent me there.I missed working with youth,so I applied at a juvenile center.I was hired because of my past experience on 6,4,04. From there I got promoted twice,from officer to corporal,from corporal to Sergeant,[in a span of 4 years].I tried to do security first,and if the environment was safe,I would minister to the youth second.I prayed with some,lead some to the Lord,and talked some out of following gangs.Doing things like this is what gives me propose.Also within those 4 years I used my RHEMA creates to get a Bachelors Degree in Theology [may,05],my son was born March,06.I got Ordained through RMFI may,07.And I also volunteered security at my church for over 2 year.That opend a door for me to be selected to work where I work now.There has been some trying times in my life too,but GOD gave me grace to deal with it! So for those who did not know,I did not stay in the family business.I have been endeavoring to follow that little voice in my heart!Although some of the things I have went through were very unconfortable,and even hard sometimes.[It has been worth it]!I think God has been teaching me {1 Pet.5:10} first hand! [HIS CALL CONTINUE'S TO BURNS WITHIN ME]So I will be faithful where ever He send's me! TO LIVE IN FEAR WOULD BE FAR WORSE THEN TO DIE IN FAITH.I'D GIVE MY LIFE FOR THE ONE I LOVE!
  • Advantage College '05.
  • Rhema Bible Training Center '97
  • Lakeview high school cortland OHIO '94
Security Officer of that 15,000 member mega-church. (Redemption World Outreach Center!)
  • (Redemption World Outreach Center!)
    Security Officer of that 15,000 member mega-church. (Redemption World Outreach Center!), present
  • Department of Juvenile JusticePosition:SergeantTime Period:June 2004 - September 2008Description:Supervise Officers and Juveniles
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