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Mantas Masalskis
Works at iDev
Attended Vilnius Simonas Daukantas high school
Lives in Vilnius, Lithuania
I was gaming a lot since I saw a computer in early 90s. Sonic was one of my best friends!

10 years later, I discovered programming. Soon, it became an addiction no smaller than gaming. HTML, Javascript, CSS then PHP and SQL. Who cares about school, when I can make computers do all that stuff much faster?

By that time I was running a free hosting company and wondering how to make more cash. Next step was freelancing. It was awesome to be 16 years old and making decent money.

After a year and a half, freelancing brought me to Japan and Singapore. That was unforgettable experience. Coding & traveling... What could be better?

I graduated from High School in the spring of 2008. I knew cool words like PHP, Javascript, TDD, Design patterns, MVC etc. I knew how to make some money to pay my bills. Why would I go to university? No way!

A few months later, I found myself in Tokyo again. I was happy to get a job at an ad network. That was a fantastic time. I was doing what I love - making beautiful and, most importantly, useful UI. And life was good. However, my visa has expired and I felt that I'd gotten tired of such a different culture.

Coming back wasn't easy, but I managed to work all the problems out. It was fun to freelance again and work on my startups. Puncht and few other projects were born at that time.
  • Vilnius Simonas Daukantas high school
Web developer and user interface designer
  • iDev
    Web developer and user interface designer, present
  • AdGardener
  • Soundpedia
  • EZOS hosting
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Vilnius, Lithuania
Vilnius, Lithuania - Tokyo, Japan - St. Andrews, Scotland