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Marlin Starkey.....Karate Champion... Tae Kwon Do
Attended Marquette High- N M U skill center
Lives in Marquette Michigan
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I started the Martial Arts in 1969 in Denver Colorado at age 9, and then trained at Marquette Michigan and Midland Michigan in 1975, in threw 1979 I received my  1st degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and from my Black Belt Instructors  James Reinhardt from Midland Michigan and Danny Oja from Marquette Michigan., I also received my 2nd  Black Belt in KaJu  Kempo Karate and with a Brown Belt in Judo by Instructors are. Algene Caraulia 3 time world Karate Champion and karate Hall of Fame.and...Warren Kron Black Belt in Judo... Richard Johnson,Black Belt in karate.. Bob Whalon, 4th degree Black Belt in Judo from Marquette., I have competed in region 6  for  10 years..... Winning in Chicago 1980 as Black Belt light weight and grand Champion,....... in 1979 Mid Canada Karate Championships Black Belt Fighting light weight Champion....... also Winning in Marquette Michigan 1979 at Master B.C. YU  Tae Kwon Do  National Championships winning 1st place Black Belt light weight Champion ,......... I have also Won 2nd in 1984 Grand Rapids Tae Kwon Do National Championships,........ Traverse City 1986 1st place at the Tae Kwon Do National Championships light weight Champion,...... Gaylord 1984- 2nd place at the Big Brothers Big Sisters open Karate Championships,....... Northwestern 1989 1st in Kumite Black Belt Fighting Championships middle weight Champion,........ and again 1st 1988 Chicago Ill Tae Kwon Do Championships as a middle weight Champion......... and 2nd in Kata with kusanku dai,......... My katas are pinon 1-5.. saifa, kururmfa..., Naihanchi shodan,.. Naihanchi Nidan.., Naihanchi sandan,.. Bassai Dia,... Passai Sho,.. Seiunchine,Empi,.. Hangetsu,.. Kanku Dai,.. Kanku Sho,.... Wansu,... Niju Shiho...., Rohai,.... Shishoshin Kanku sho......., Niseshi, Sechin,...... but my favorite Kata is....... KusankuW Dai... a special thanks to Master B. C. Yu  for believing in me 1976. and my brother Ross Starkey with all my friends traveled with me. 
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Mr fly weight.... fastest hands o ya!!
I am retired with post tramatic brain concussion sydrome
  • I am retired with post tramatic brain concussion sydrome, present
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Marquette Michigan
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