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Many people don't realize how much technology and science is involved with something as simple as tarps. Hardly limited to the popular blue tarps, they come in many sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. The heavy duty tarps have so many different types and uses, from heavy duty poly tarps, to heavy duty vinyl tarps and heavy duty truck tarps, all far different from the lightweight tarps used for covering lawn furniture. Lumber tarps are widely used by professional truckers to cover cargo loads on their tractor trailers. The variety is amazing!


Helping customers find the tarps that will best serve their needs is very rewarding for me. I enjoy sharing with them my knowledge about the environmental factors they must consider when selecting a tarp, such as wind, sunlight, and temperature. They are always delighted to learn there is far more to tarps than your standard blue slicker that never lasts long enough. One piece of information that I especially enjoy sharing is the fact that blue tarps are recyclable. Many people simply throw their old blue tarps into the garbage, when they can actually be disposed of in the recycling bin, thereby providing protection for the environment after they've done their job protecting your personal possessions.

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