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OmegaVia Fish Oil Supplement
Works at Innovix Pharma Inc.
Lives in Calabasas, California
OmegaVia is an Ultra-Pure Omega-3 fish oil supplement.
It has 3X as much Omega-3 as regular fish oil.

Faster benefits with fewer pills.

We're health nuts. And, yes, we all take OmegaVia everyday.

We share a passion for Omega-3. And we believe that many of our health problems can be addressed with good nutrition, an active lifestyle and supplements.

OmegaVia is a division of Innovix Pharma Inc., a California company. We're located in beautiful hills of Calabasas, a few miles inland from Malibu.

We started OmegaVia after working for large multi-national corporations. We believe that smaller is better. Better because smaller feels like family and makes it easy to get to know our customers.

We first developed this product for ourselves.  It was never intended for sale.

Most clinical studies show that you need 2000 mg of Omega-3 to FEEL the benefits of Omega-3. With regular fish oil pills, you'd have to take half dozen pills every day to get that much Omega-3.  That gets old.  

So we made a pill with 3X as much Omega-3.  And we didn't cut corners. 

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Calabasas, California