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Keyboardist:; Composer; Singer/Songwriter; Author; Screenwriter

Paul Christopher began his musical career by taking guitar lessons at the early age of eight. When he turned thirteen he switched to the piano and has been playing keyboards ever since.

During his teenage years he joined "The Solid Rock," a local Christian rock band in northeast New Jersey where he enjoyed writing and performing his original material at the young age of eighteen. He eventually relocated to Phoenix, AZ and began recording and producing his songs at Desert Sound Recording Studio with recording engineer Sandy Lamont.

It was during this time that he met members of a local rock band named "Smokey," who eventually teamed up with him in the studio. Soon after, Paul Christopher became Smokey's keyboard player and lead singer. Shortly thereafter, Paul, and the other members of the band, became good friends with Dave Pratt, an up-and-coming local disc jockey with the radio station 98 KUPD. Pratt took an interest in three of Paul's original tunes and continually aired them on KUPD.

In the years to follow Paul began collaborating with lyricist Terry Gatesh and recorded numerous tunes at Sounder Recording Studio in California with producer Brian Mann (former keyboardist with Kenny Loggins) and producer John Florez. One particular song won a spot on 93.3 KDKB's Arizona Sounds Volume Seven album and was aired continually on KDKB.

Soon after, Paul Christopher hooked up with local TV producer Mark Fournier and wrote the music and sang on a public service television commercial about child abuse, which aired nationally and later won a prestigious Mobius Award. He then followed that up by writing a complete song for a variation of the same commercial titled "Dad Had A Bad Day," which won a Music Video Emmy Award.

In April of 1995 Paul was suddenly diagnosed with a brain tumor. Amazingly, after nine hours of brain surgery, he was miraculously healed. Six months later he decided to take on a new creative venture and began writing a book titled "Alien Intervention: The Spiritual Mission of UFOs," a biblical perspective of the UFO phenomenon. Three years later "Alien Intervention" was published by Huntington House Publishers in 1998.

Following the release of the book, Paul engaged in numerous television and radio interviews including a four-hour stint with Barbara Simpson on the "Art Bell Show" in January of 2000. Six months later he was invited on an east coast tour with "The Prophecy Club." 

In 2008, Paul released his first CD titled "Diary of A Melody," reflecting his passionate musical direction into the Film/Television market. One year later, in 2009, he released an all vocal CD titled "Unpredictable Journey," which includes his romantic single "Only Time" along with nine other cool vocal tunes.

In November 2012, another traumatic experience led Paul to rededicate his life, his work, and his music to Jesus Christ.

In the Fall of 2014, Paul was led on a new creative path and began writing a Film Treatment titled "Courage Sings," a true story based on his life experiences. In the Spring of 2016, the final draft of the actual Screenplay to "Courage Sings" was completed.

This new creative achievement took a major toll on Paul's life, as he recalls, "While I was writing the story, I had to relive all these significant, emotional experiences I went through during these traumatic times in my life, which literally left me helpless and alone. I couldn't stop my emotions of breaking down and crying. But the amazing reality of it all is, I new God's light was at the end of the tunnel."

Keep your eyes open for the trailer of "Courage Sings," and the movie at your local movie theater.

Paul Christopher's music is available on iTunes and

Paul Christopher began his personal investigation and research into the UFO phenomenon in northeast New Jersey, where he periodically witnessed an assortment of unusual nocturnal lights. 

One particular instance was at the Wanaque Reservoir, a hotbed for UFO activity, approximately 40 miles from his home. One week after observing a bright red and green spinning object above the water, he contacted the late J. Allen Hynek, founder of the Center for UFO Studies. They began exchanging pertinent information via letters.

Since that time, Paul has continued his diligence in the field, and strives to keep abreast of every UFO related circumstance. "Alien Intervention" is a reflection of his long-standing passion for the subject and 25 years of extensive research.

In September and October of 2010, Paul Christopher was interviewed by Byron LeBeau on Curs-ed Net Radio ("Alien Intervention - Then and Now") discussing various topics of importance from Paul Christopher's book "Alien Intervention." This profound two-part interview thoroughly examines the connection of the UFO phenomenon to Occult and New Age ideologies which Christopher believes may lead to an end-time Biblical scenario and a possible climactic "intergalactic" convergence in the years to come...

"Something climactic occurred in the year 2012, but not many people realize it," Christopher notes. "The pivotal years ahead of us may make a traumatic impact on society," says Christopher.

"Alien Intervention" by Paul Christopher

About this title: The mystifying connection between the Occult, the New Age movement, and the UFO phenomenon.

What distinguishes this expose from all the others is the careful, thorough and accurate in-depth treatment of the three primary movements. Does the Bible address this phenomenon? Do the Scriptures predict increased activity of this type as history comes closer to a precipice? Are there human co-conspirators who are facilitating the "plan"? Are the world systems that are being implemented pawns in the hands of so-called other-worldly beings?

These and other relevant questions are given careful attention by Mr. Christopher.

Topics discussed in the book include:

* UFO Sightings * UFO Contacts *Alien Abductions * Crossbreeding * Apparitions of the Virgin Mary * The Contactees of the 1950s and 1960s * Benjamin Creme * Lord Maitreya * Shambhala * The Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood * Theosophy * Channeling * Automatic Writing * The Ouija Board * The New Age Movement * The Ashtar Command * The Divine Plan * Power Spots * The Harmonic Convergence * Numerology * The Cypher 6 Code * Magick * The HAARP Project * The Electromagnetic Spectrum * Psychological Warfare * Spiritual Warfare * Mysterious Creatures * The Chupacabras * Human/Animal Mutilations * Demonology * Demonic Possession and Oppression * The Occult * Occult Trinities * The anti-Christ * Armageddon and the Apocalypse * The New World Order * The Intergalactic Harmonic Convergence*

Paul Christopher can be reached at:
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Won a Mobius Award for Singing and Writing the Music for a Public Service Television Commercial about Child Abuse titled "The Attic." Won an Emmy Award for Writing the Music Score for a Public Service Television Music Video about Child Abuse titled "Dad had A Bad Day." Both of these gripping projects aired nationally and were Produced by Mark Fournier with Fournier Media.
  • Bergen Community College A.A.S. Degree
    Music and Business
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University B.S. Degree
    Music, Business, and Film
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Keyboardist; Composer; Singer/Songwriter; Author; Screenwriter
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