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eric rickstad
Attended University of Vermont; University of Virginia
Lives in Vermont
Eric Rickstad is a novelist and screenwriter. His first novel, Reap, was published by Viking/Penguin to high acclaim. His second and third novels are forthcoming and can be found in part at His unnerving novels, stories, and scripts strip back the bucolic veneer of rural America and root around in its tragic and comic underbelly. His hardened prose, seductive plots, crack dialog, and iconic characters have been lauded and compared with those of Robert Stone, Denis Johnson, Russell Banks, and David Lynch.

Rickstad was raised in Vermont by a mother who worked as a hardware store clerk. His father owned a bait & tackle shop and left when Rickstad was young, but not before Rickstad learned to tell stories from old timers who sat around jawing and bullshitting.

Boyhood exposed Rickstad to marijuana growers, criminals, cons, and raconteurs as he worked as a bricklayer, roofer, house painter, and logger. One friend was imprisoned for growing marijuana; another friend shot to death by state police in the first live televised fugitive chase. Reap is based some of these experiences.

Rickstad’s writing led him from the Vermont woods to the halls of The University of Virginia where Faulkner , Poe and Breece Pancake left their marks. Here, as a Hoyns Fellow, he wrote the acclaimed novel Reap and classic American short stories. 

  • University of Vermont; University of Virginia
novelist and screenwriter
  • novelist and screenwriter, present
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