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Bernard Deschler

Bernard M. Deschler, an architect, painter, sculptor and ordained minister in the Catholic Church shares his 2 and 3 dimensions of life and faith which express his artistic story. Born in Paris, France, he began his studies with George Klein, a disciple of the impressionist Maurice Utrillo, when he devoted himself initially to drawing and painting. After a visit to the stone quarries of Italy and exposure to the work of several influential contemporary sculptors, he turned to sculpture as his preferred medium. Temporarily interrupted by World War Two and the completion of his education in the arts and architecture, he completed many ecclesiastical and commercial structures in which his sculptures are incorporated as part of the design and the building.

The most compelling aspects of Deschler's figurative, expressionistic, and symbolic sculptures are the passionate mysterious original motifs that intentionally recall the beginnings and martyrdom of humanity, such as the Crucifixion of The Christ, the Resurrection of The Christ, the Good Friday Cross, Palm Sunday, and many others. His work is motivated by Faith, Hope and Love and is executed in a simple unique style. Made of forged and carved steel, or castings of bronze from clay or plaster models, he expresses the movement of body and soul and his sculptures cease to be hunks of clay, plaster, steel or bronze.

An active sculptor who speaks most eloquently of the anguish of the poor, needy and the spiritual, Bernard Deschler continues to struggle to express and defy this specter through a series of figurative metamorphoses.


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