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Michael Santarcangelo
Works at Security Catalyst
Attended Cornell University
Lives in Myrtle Beach, SC
Modern raconteur: speaker, writer & catalyst liberating stories by teaching people how to effectively communicate value

Michael Santarcangelo is a modern raconteur driven by the belief that everyone has a story; each story is worth telling and deserves to be heard. His quest is to liberate the stories of individuals, teams and organizations.

Results through a system to Effectively Communicate Value (ECV)

A lifelong focus on people and communication coupled with a career in information security lead to the creation of a flexible, scalable system to effectively communicate value.

Michael uses, teaches, and improves the system that allows any person to capture, distill and effectively communicate value — on any topic, adapted for any audience.

It's called the Effectively Communicating Value (ECV) System (truth in advertising, simplicity in design).

This system eases the process of engaging people, realizing and demonstrating value and effectively communicating value to inspire measurable behavior change.

A unique blend forged by a different journey

Blending a degree in human ecology with over a decade of experience in information security and recognition as a professional communicator uniquely positions Michael as the authority to speak, teach and consult on how to effectively communicate value, how to engage, inspire and influence people, and how to unify the people of business, technology and security.

Michael’s ability to develop models and frameworks that explain and guide success come, in part, from his unique background, including:

  • Human Ecology degree from Cornell University: Michael is formally trained in the combination of “hard” social sciences, economics and policy with the ability to use multiple disciplines to assess and measure people, information (including communication) and risk
  • Security and risk management leader and educator: Michael guided thousands to certification success as a CISSP instructor and helped redefine and develop the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK); he was part of the team that created the CompTIA Security Trustmark; he writes a regular column for CSO magazine, and continues to serves industry, enterprise and individual clients with keynotes, workshops and consulting
  • Professional communicator: a full, professional member of the National Speaker's Association, Michael is also a published author, experienced editor, regular columnist and draws on diverse audio and video experience to blend science with the principles of effective communication to deliver successful messages
  • Cornell University
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Catalyst • Writer • Speaker
realizing, demonstrating, and building value • effectively communicating value • influencing action & outcomes • measuring what matters • building systems for continuous growth • storytelling • leadership
  • Security Catalyst
    Catalyst • Writer • Author, 2002 - present
  • Anderson Consulting/Accenture
  • Greenwich Technology Partners
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Myrtle Beach, SC
Latham, NY - Summit, NJ - New Providence, NJ - Myrtle Beach, SC