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Airport security took my shampoo. 105 lb. women passengers must look dangerous. "I'm gonna murder all of you! With my extra mild shampoo!!!"

--from Twitter (SharonHahnD) and sharonhahnDtwitterblog


The Golden Gate Bridge constantly attracts quite a few show-offs. Sailing the San Francisco Bay last Saturday, among far less outrageously extravagant boats, was Tom Perkins' Maltese Falcon, "the longest privately owned sailboat in the world," while the blue sky was graced by a fleet of nine Canadian Snowbirds effortlessly zipping around, followed by the Blue Angels.

What do snowbirds and blue angels have to do with 錦衣玉食? I am afraid I sneaked in a couple of potential MacGuffins, like Dashiell Hammett's
jewel-encrusted statuette, out of a certain reluctance to head to boring minutiae of luxury apparel and food.

Let's just say
( is king; add a dot, it's jade) in 玉食 refers to round beads, which might resemble glossy, plump, jewel-like grains.

Swathed in silk (rather, fancy synthetic fabric) this clipper yacht is born with several silver spoons in its mouth. Make that carbon fiber masts.

What's its gastronomic pleasure? It gulps huge amounts of air, but of course it does not run entirely by sails. It is a drinker, but let's be nice and call it a sipper, rather than a guzzler.

Now, the plot thickens. Will this falcon fly? 

--from Idioms Gallery, now Language Gallery 

>Happy Blue Day to you ♪♪♪

I have proposed that today, May 14th, is "Blue Day".

If Ophelia was born in the era of modern greeting cards, and was honoring March 14th instead of February 14th, AND IF she was less ruefully inclined and more tartly or mathematically inclined, she might have been persuaded to sing of Pi Day, as well.

Pi day, yes, March 14th, is also designated as "White Day", when you are supposed to return the favor with a gift sufficiently white-chocolaty or marshmallow candy-coated.


Not a bad candidate for the next month, but it would be a wrong color. April 14th has been appropriated by some people as "Black Day", when you could gather to indulge in black food together to either celebrate your chic singledom or to wallow in dark gooey sauce.

(This is nutty... so what is May 14th, then?)

It would depend on what you're celebrating.

Let's see. The curiously over-eulogized Frank Sinatra, Ol' Blue Eyes, died the same day Seinfeld aired its final episode after 9 years, on 5/14, 1998. It is Independence Day in Israel - their flag is blue. You are still alone and blue after all these cheerful get-togethers.

"Blue Day", it seems, at this point.

No, really, I am not making fun of any of these. Bring on the Blue M&M's and Jelly Belly Berry Blue Jelly Beans. :)

--from Grocery Trekker

@sharonhahnD ... read ... my ... muzzlepuffs ... if you get a puppy, I'll make sure to make his life a pure puppy hell. HELL! Capiche?  -Laksa Hahn Darlin

"Yes, it's scary. This is what happens to you when you stay up too late. You will eventually turn into a pumpkin!"

--from Cross Country Kitties

Rain on the meadow
Alighting with sound muted
Summer plume thistles

野の雨は音なく至る夏薊      -- 稲畑汀子    

--Language Gallery

For a jellyfish
That cannot ride the ebb tide
Dizziness galore

引き潮にのれぬくらげにある眩暈 -岩本雀踊子

--Grocery Trekker

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