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Skunkworks Photographic
Skunkworks was started simply as a creative outlet for a wandering mind. I am one of those people…you know…maybe you’re one…one who finds themselves unable to get a good night sleep because this curse called creativity is charging through your head. Over the last year I have really focused this creativity on photography;

I got my first DSLR a few years ago and was always off and on with it. I’d shoot a bunch then it would sit for 6 weeks without much action. It wasn’t until January 2009 I really found what I was looking for; HDR Photography. The vibrance, beauty and elegance of HDR was absolutely captivating to me and I just could not get it out of my head. I just had to learn this new medium and put it into practice.

I was turned on to flickr from a good friend and it pretty much went from there. I dorked around with my photostream for a year but my creativity was just idle. So what could I do that was all mine…….Skunkworks Photographic.

But what is Skunkworks? I have no idea. I guess I would think of it as a photographic endeavor. You see, I am not a professional photographer. In fact, I would consider myself a 100% amateur. But this project is going to be one that I continue with as I grow and learn. And if one person finds photography and can enjoy it the way I do, then I can feel accomplished.

But if Skunkworks is only one thing, I want that one thing to be simple. I consider myself to be simple, I like to think I live simple and my photography is simple…YES, photography is simple; anyone can do it and it can be very fun. You don’t need any professional gear or a specific camera, all you need is a little creativity and you are on your way!

So, welcome but now go shoot some photos ;)